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  1. Pick this up today in a box of trash that was about to go in trash dumpster, from a house that my bother just bought. I am not real good on the types of Bayonets, I only have one German bayonet that I pick up from a estate sale, I not sure what this one is. here are a couple pictures I can not make out the lettering on the fuller.
  2. Pick up some mannequins today and here are 4 that I put uniforms on this is a first for me, two of them are the hanger kind the other two are full with stand, found a place about 45 mins from house super deals on Mannequins 20.00 ea. used on the full ones with stands and the 1/2 full upper with hangers new 6.00 ea.
  3. Nicholas was with the 20th Infan, 6th Div. KIA on June 24, 1944 in the Battle of Lone Tree Hill. He was from Missouri I am trying to find more info like what Company he was in anything. I have always did a lot of reading to learn has much on this Battle has I could. Now its time to do more reading to find has much info on Mr. Kruse has I can. any more help is always welcome. Thanks
  4. Got another Okinawa Purple Heart today Clyde H. Eaton 382nd Inf. 96th Div. KIA on Okinawa April 19, 1945, He was from MO
  5. I had a real good friend that did that. He disarmed them and that's what killed him, Mr Sam White RIP buddy. Looks like you did a good job most big shells like that are deep in the sea floor so I can see where Peter said that. Good luck
  6. Got these two Purple Hearts very happy to be offered these, my main focus on collecting Purple Hearts is Okinawa, Saipan, Guadalcanel and the states of NC and SC
  7. I will move this over to the for sale section, can't find anymore info.
  8. If any one knows where is Posthumous Engraved Purple Heart is please let me know I would love to get you these pictures and items back with the engraved PH, It would be a honor to get these items back with the owner of is Posthumous Purple Heart for Free I will not charge anything they should be all in one group. Thanks
  9. What does anyone make of the unnamed PH are there anyway I can find out if he got more than one PH any help on this
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