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  1. Wow! great find! I sure do respect your preservation of history here!
  2. ahhhh... So these were used... Interesting.
  3. Gotta love SOG related items. Great finds
  4. What I mean by my first sentence, is why have a standard coat like this if you have your combat kit of special seal gear, and you dont wear fatigues when you are not in combat?
  5. Hi, i am new here, but may I share my 2 cents? Well, My experience with the Vietnam seal teams is this: Seals had very specific modified gear. We all know the scarce flotation vests made out of ERDLs. I personally do not like this coat because it seems too much like a fake fantasy piece. Why SEAL 2? why not team 2? more often than not there were no name tapes. This just smells bad to me. Is there picture of historical evidence of seals wearing this kind of insignia? I am surprised there are no other patches. Why have this coat in the first place? They would not have worn it in the field.
  6. I guess my first post will be here. I know a special guy who made his own gillie for when he was doing his thing. He taught me how to make one, and I made my own for my collection. He helped me out, and it is very much like his was. He instructed me to use woodland BDUs, netting and jute fiber cord. So what Hawkdriver says is completely true: each man makes his own his own way. %30 of your camo in the field is your gillie. the rest is local camo threaded in and added. So the common thought process among airsofters of: gillie=instant invisibility is false. you add as much natural local camo as
  7. I own just such a rifle. mine is 1942 made, in great shape. They were lend lease, made in america for the brits early in the war.
  8. Maybe speaking for the younger members here, I make all the money I put back into my collecting here on the forum. When I need to buy something, I list a few things. I think forcing people to pay is wrong. This is a great community here, and a great FREE resource for anyone. The value of having anyone and everyone using the forum to sell and buy FAR OUTWEIGHS the value of the spare change people have left in their paypal accounts. Once you start down this road of discrimination, its hard to turn back. I gotta say this riles me a bit.
  9. Awheeler

    Punji trap

    oh, and more often than not, the "lid" of the punji trap was bamboo shoots covered with the leaves, so maybe replace the top layer of foam with bamboo rods tied togather, and lay your leaves over that.
  10. Awheeler

    Punji trap

    Thats awesome man, give that foam a healthy coat of dirt colored paint, then sprinkle some orange/clay rich dirt over it. The paint will dry and you will have an amazing display. This is too cool man, great work!
  11. I think it would be cool if I got a local place to do this. Thanks to everyone, i will research local embroidery joints, and post the results in the patches section!
  12. I am not sure this belongs in this section ,but if it does not, I would appreciate it if a moderator would move it for me. I want to have a few patches made, and backed with velcro. I have plans and designs I have created, now I just want to have them made. Where should I go to have this done?
  13. Im 18 and still dont have one of those.... ... Great score man!
  14. my grandfather wore a helmet just like yours when he was with the 28th. Great stuff!
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