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  1. Hello, I'm doing some research on Armored Infantrymen in the ETO and am looking for some help finding reference photos. I'm especially interested in photos of the 23rd Armored Infantry Battalion or other units operating under the 7th Armored Division, but would love to see anything. I know armored infantrymen essentially wore what any other infantryman would wear, but I'm looking for details on how things were worn during different stages of the war and perhaps by different units. Thanks for any and all help, -Patch Adams
  2. Thanks Adrian! It's one of my favorite ways to display buckled belts. I do this a lot with German and Soviet items. -Patch Adams
  3. Thank you! One of my favorite items in my collection, got them for a steal. Thank y'all for the kind words. There was a little bit more room lower down on the shelf, so I added a frame with some AAF patches in it today. Right next to my record stack. Also wanted to provide a photo of the canteen engraving: Once I get the room cleared out, I'll need to upload some photos of my main collection room. It's been going through some renovations, so I'm hesitant to upload photos before everything's back in order. Thanks, Patch Adams
  4. Wanted to show a display I recently put together after moving some furniture around. Nothing major, just a few odds and ends that I thought looked good displayed together. Here, I was going more for the aesthetic than displaying the rarest/coolest items in my collection. Visor caps and a few odds and ends. M1, Double Buckles, a nice engraved canteen, and a few more odds and ends. Hope you enjoy, -Patch Adams
  5. Thank you! Any idea as what era this particular one can be traced to? -Patch Adams
  6. I've had these wings for a while and can't recall what they are. If I remember, they're early 20th century Navy or USMC of some sort. Would love an identification! Thanks, Patch Adams
  7. Thank y'all, appreciate it! -Patch Adams
  8. Finally, my mannequin display. 90th ID infantryman. He's still a work in progress, but coming together nicely. Hope you all enjoy! -Patch Adams
  9. Various field gear, including a mess kit with the soldier's initials and "AEF" hand stamped into the back. Of note is also the veterinarian's tool kit. This was the most asked about item all day: Various small bits. The victory medal is British. The Iron Cross has a Saint Christopher's medal on the backside. It likely predates WWI. I've forgotten what the winged insignia is, and am suspicious it might be 20's/30's issue - can anyone help me out?
  10. On April 8th, my hometown of Woodstock, VA celebrated it's annual heritage day. With the recent 100th anniversary of the United States entry into World War I, the event was naturally based around that. The event was really engaging, and featured a wide variety of WWI artifacts on display. Some unique and rare items found their way onto the display tables. I wish I had taken some time to walk around the building and taken photos, but I hope you'll find my humble display suitable. Good fun and a lot of like minded people in attendance. Unfortunately, most of the items in my WWI collecti
  11. Even in the past few years I've seen changes in surplus stores. I used to frequent them when I was just getting into collecting. I used to be able to find some decent WWII-Vietnam era field gear at my local store mixed in with ALICE and newer gear. Now, even only 7-8 years later you're lucky to find anything that isn't newly made by Rothco or other milspec retailers. I recently tried to sell off a large lot of field gear and BDU's to a DC area store. I was met with what was to me a shockingly low offer, and declined. That excursion helped me better see the reality of the shape of this once
  12. This photo might be a little later than the rest. Note the boots, which appear to be double-buckles. More to follow. -Patch Adams
  13. Wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from my collection. This was a set of photos I found at a flea market near me. Though they are in rough shape and without information other than location and date, I find them to be a fascinating look into pre-war military life. I'm having difficulty finding information on what camps were in this area during the 30's/40's. I know that the AAF held an airbase in this area, but I don't believe these were taken there. Any insight is appreciated! As I'm new here I'm probably going to have to post these a few at at a time due to the post limit.
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