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  1. Here is the LCVP but in 1/72nd scale. It was a much faster build than the 1/35th scale version, however it does present the essential details of the LCVP. I could not find any decent 1/7nd scale soldiers or jeeps to add to the vessel so it is shown sitting on a brace made from wood beams, prepared to undergo serious maintenance.
  2. The very nicely detailed mantlet cover came with the model.
  3. I painted the front hull red, then applied the decals. The large mouth/teeth and the large eyes did not go on perfectly so I had to do some restoration with carefully applied black and white paint. The paperwork that came with the model identified this tank as being "Rice's Red Devils" C Company, 89th Tank Battalion, 25th Infantry Division, Han River Basin, 1951.
  4. This model is of an actual tank that saw service during the Korean War. To say its paint scheme is quite different from the norm would be a vast understatement.
  5. At some point I may find a suitable-sized plaque upon which I will simulate water and waves under and around the vessel. It will be something new for me.
  6. The model comes with a nice display stand which works well.

    I have thought about acquiring a long plaque upon which to fashion waves under and around the vessel but that is not a project about to happen very soon.

  7. Italerie made this LCVP which comes with the 3 sailors and the 25 Army troops. What little information I could find on the internet showed sailors with similar uniforms so I went with that information.
  8. Here is a model of the LCVP ferrying 25 Army troops to the beachhead. Fitting all the troops into a very restricted space proved to be a challenge. I made a template of the floor space, covered that template in double-sided tape, and placed each troop into place. Once I saw they would indeed fit if I were very careful, I then super glued each soldier into the vessel. In the end it all worked out well.
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