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  1. I have not considered closing the website. It is not my job to tell people how to spend their money. I was making an accurate observation about a lot of collectors. It has been my experience that most collectors do not have a good balance between their collecting and real life situations.
  2. Wow Bob I am always starting something with someone and not showing proper deference. I am sure your buddy can speak for himself. Until someone can provide documentation instead of speculation, I will believe my documents and IOH research. The reason collectors believe this stuff is because of their speculation instead of trying to find out the facts. Collectors want answers to questions and instead of being satisfied with "we don't know", they love to speculate and tell stories. If someone could provide a receipt from the IOH or a document that shows the IOH provided one of their items to a p
  3. I don't think collectors are devious, but I do know that collectors steal items from government archives and museums. And I do know that collectors buy these items without a concern for where they come from. Am I wrong? Berlin Document Center is the classic example here. Do you think the janitor was dumping SS documents in the trash outback on orders from someone in charge. Why is this so hard for anyone to accept? I 'm sure most collectors today didn't steal these items, but I do know someone that has a valuable item from the IOH that was sold to him with the story that the item was a "salesm
  4. Nice try. Keep believing those stories and keep speculating. Try doing some serious research and you will find many missing items and paperwork even in archives that only 10 years old. This is going on today as well and ask yourself, "who would want to steal these things and why?" Or you can believe that maybe they were thrown away to make room for newer items.
  5. Alec, you are so right! I can tell you have been on the research trail yourself. Maybe the curators decided the papers weren't needed anymore and had a "clearance sale".
  6. Bob, instead of attacking collectors what should I do? It wasn't construction workers that stole these items. I realize that people holding these items probably did not steal them, but it does not change the fact that it is still the property of the IOH. Do you think the IOH should file a report with the police? With so many items in their possession, they do not even know what has been stolen over the years. Now they have a lot better system for this. The proof of thieft is the fact that many items that are listed in paperwork as being there (such as the gold CIB) are missing! I am not surpri
  7. During my last visit to the Institute of Heraldry to do research on the Combat Infantryman Badge, I learned many things about the CIB and the way the IOH works. The IOH is part of the Federal government that is responsible for the design and production of all military insignia for the Armed Forces of the United States. This includes cloth and metal insignia as well as medals and decorations. The IOH submits designs to the DoD and, once approved, is responsible for establishing the specifications to be used in the manufacturing of that item. Chosen manufacturers then submit product based on t
  8. Authentic Militaria at http://www.authenticmilitaria.com has just had its "Vietnam" "WWII American" and "German" pages updated. Thank you.
  9. The "Vietnam", "American", and "German" pages of Authentic Militaria at http;//www.authenticmilitaria.com have just been updated. Thank you.
  10. Does anyone know if this is a military patch, and if so, what unit it was for?
  11. Authentic Militaria at http://www.authenticmilitaria.com has just been updated on the "Vietnam" and "American WWII" pages. Thank you!
  12. Authentic Militaria at http://www.authenticmilitaria.com has just been updated on "Vietnam" and "American WWII" pages. Thank you!
  13. Sorry, meant to write EIB instead of CIB. Either way the manufacture of the separately applied rifle on these badges was done at the same time with specific government specifications. Actual government documents are shown and explained in my book.
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