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    Named and researchable groupings to local veterans.
    Anything related to the 40th Infantry Division, particularly the 160th infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion E Company from the Korean War era.

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  1. Description: Buy now and have it heading your way today. Fresh estate find. I found this in a tool box. There are no markings on it other than "US M3 1942". A friend of mine who knows militaria better than I said it might be an old Camillus reissue. I'm not sure. (I would think it would say Camillus somewhere) Blade is unsharpened. Blade had some light surface rust on one side towards the tip. It wiped off with some Hoppes. It did however leave a rough patch behind. I didn't try and remove it since I was concerned about the finish. Perhaps you have a way to make it look better. Other side of blade is perfect. Knife definitely has some age to it. Sold as you see it. International bids are not accepted for this item..... USA only. Write me with any questions.
  2. Well, sadly I won't be able to make it this year. I'm sure it'll be another great show, almost kept me from moving out of state for school.
  3. Id like some opinions on this one, just because its so far out of what I normally collect. Its numbered at 6 oclock but it doesnt seem to have ever been attached to a medal? Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Madeline.
  4. From what I've read I don't think the MNo series are traceable however I could be completely off on that, anyhow this is from the OMSA site which I've found very useful. https://www.omsa.org/MedalRolls/US_A_Ph.php
  5. Sorry for the confusion, they belonged to two different women, the first uniform belonged to Bertha Glick, the second is completely unknown.
  6. I recently purchased two ANC uniforms, one of which was directly from the grandson of the vet. He provided a good bit of background information on her and was nice enough to throw in a photo of her in uniform that happened to have her ASN written on the back. I know a number of records were burned in the fire however I've found absolutely nothing on her. Her name was Bertha Glick from the Bronx and according to her son she first enlisted sometime around 1942 and served as a truck driver for the WACs then later joined the ANC with her her sister. She served in europe late war with the nurse corps and later married a coast guard sailor she met in the service. The second was a typical issue ANC uniform with a laundry number on the tag, while I know research on it will be nearly impossible without anything else but I haven't even found potential matches on either of the pieces and was curious if there was any resources available for the Army Nurse Corps that I am unaware of that could at least help to find a match for Lt. Glick? Pardon the lack of a proper display, this is my current college set up that will have to work for now. Any help would be appreciated but hopefully y'all enjoy.
  7. Thanks, thats super helpful, I was lost on where to even start. I'm not sure on the patch either somehow in all of the photos the number is some way or another obscured.
  8. Found this on one of those used clothing/fashion websites last night and after finding what I thought was a possible match for the last name I bought it. However I was looking back at it and I realized that the last name of the man I thought it very well could have belonged to, had an 'e' on the end. I won't be heartbroken if it's a fake, I don't have much of anything into it, but would appreciate some opinions on it. https://poshmark.com/listing/US-NAVY-Water-Demolition-Team-Jacket-XL-real-5da3d39f689ebca7d8f52701
  9. Thank you, that it really helpful, I went ahead and bought them, $25 shipped for the pair seemed reasonable given that they're real. Do you know what they're worth?
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