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    Gathering family history of WWI and WWII grandparents and relatives. WWI - Benjamin Arthur O'Barr and Andrew Franklin O'Barr. WWII - Stuart Brown Quist and Erva Irene Watson.
  1. Here is my concept for a family shadowbox. Is there anything wrong/inaccurate, or any pins/decorations I could add? Is the following the right way to print their information on a plaque: WWI - Pvt Benjamin Arthur O’Barr USA Battery E 25th Artillery CAC Fort Rosecrans, CA Pvt Herbert Hadley USMC Naval Prison Detachment co D Mare Island, CA Pvt Roy Verlin Plemmons USA Camp Detachment, Co G Camp Bowie, TX WWII - 2nd Lt Stuart Brown Quist USA 1318th Service Command Unit Co A, 5th Bn, Conv Hosp Camp Pickett, VA 1st Lt Erva Irene Watson USA 208th Hospit
  2. My grandmother, 1st Lt Erva Irene Watson (1912-1963), served in the Army Nurse Corps from 26 Jun 1941 to 15 Apr 1945. Ive recently discovered she received the Selective Service Medal and am trying to figure out when she may have worked for the Selective Service. Any idea/guesses welcome. Military Bio: She started at the Station Hospital in Camp Barkeley, TX (1941-1943). Then was sent to Camp Kilmer, NJ in Dec 1943 to await her duties on the USAHS Chateau Thierry (its first voyage as a hospital ship disembarked on 5 Mar 1944). In October 1944, as a patient - due to rheumatoid arthriti
  3. So would the Selective Service ribbon be placed in order after the WWII Victory ribbon? I just learned my grandmother received one I and want to display a ribbon bar (but want to make sure the order is accurate. She served in the ANC - first at Camp Barkeley then on the USAHS Chateau Thierry - from 26 Jun 1941 to 15 Apr 1945 until rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy caused her to be discharged from service: I think this ribbon order would be right then: - American Defense Service Medal - American Campaign Medal - European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign Medal (with 2 stars) -
  4. Did everyone who served qualify for the Victory Medal? I have three ancestors who served in WWI and three in WWII. Those who had discharge papers, none of them have a victory medal listed (but they were discharged early due to various medical conditions). If I was creating a display, can I accurately include the victory medal because they served during the time period?
  5. I recently learned my great grandfather was a private in the Marine Corps during WWI. He served from 7 Nov 1918 to 19 May 1919 at Mare Island, CA in the Naval Prison Detachment co D. He received the Sharpshooter Medal and Good Conduct Medal. Im trying to find any uniform decorations,emblems, insignias he may have worn on his uniform. Was there a specific collar pin or shoulder patch to distinguish he was in the prison detachment? Side question: What would have been some of his duties? Thank you for any information.
  6. I'd love to know if my uncle, Andrew Franklin (Frank) O'Barr is on that roster. What does he have down as his name - Andrew or Frank? Thanks for any info you can provide!
  7. Another photo of some boys at camp that Frank O'Barr had in his possession.
  8. My great uncle, Andrew Franklin (Frank) O'Barr, was a member of company C in the 324th Field Signal Battalion from Feb 1918 to Jan 1919. He never went overseas. We have these photos of him. I am also looking to learn more about his service. Thank you for everyone who has posted here. It is a great goldmine!
  9. That's what I'd think but it lists criteria as: 1. On permanent assignment outside the continental limits of the United States. 2. Permanently assigned as a member of a crew of a vessel sailing ocean waters for a period of 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days. 3. Outside the continental limits of the United States in a passenger status or on temporary duty for 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days. 4. In active combat against the enemy and was awarded a combat decoration or furnished a certificate by the commanding general of a corps, higher unit, or independent force that
  10. I received a box from family that included military artifacts from my grandparents. Could I have help identifying what would be worn by my grandmother as a lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps and by my grandfather as a lieutenant in the Medical Administrative Corps? Thank you! Erva Irene Watson enlisted in the Red Cross Nurse Reserve in June 1941. She was sent to Camp Barkeley on duty at Station Hospital. By Jan 1942, she was 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps. By January 1945, she was 1st Lt. Stuart Brown Quist was enlisted as a private in April 1942 and sent to Camp Barkeley. Aft
  11. These are the ribbons worn by a member of the Army Nurse Corps serving on the USAHS Chateau Thierry. The American Defense Service Medal was received because she enlisted before Pearl Harbor occurred. The American Campaign Medal was received for serving on the USAHS Chateau Thierry for more than 60 days, right? The EuropeanAfricanMiddle Eastern Campaign Medal was received for working on a hospital ship in Europe, right? One of the battle stars was for her work in the Southern France campaign in Aug/Sept 1944. But what could the other star be for? Online searches tell me that the Ch
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