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  1. Hi ! How are you? Here I am again, asking you for help. I need some help with this American gasmask head harness. Can you tell me which model it is and if it is a WWII mask or a post-war one? Thanks a lot. Take care, Rubén Alba
  2. Thanks Allan for the info. I also saw something strange in the back part. Regards.
  3. Hello, I need help.. I have found these glider wings on Ebay. The seller says that they are original WWII, but I would like to know more opinions. Thanks.
  4. Thank you very much for your answer. I know your page and I have seen the excellent quality of your reproductions. And I love them, but the price, and what customs will charge me from my country. It makes me escape my possibilities. That is why I was looking for a cheaper replica, which I could afford, although I had to work a little on it to improve it. I certainly don't know parachutes like the other pieces of equipment. Therefore, I ask for help. Honestly, I thought it wasn't such a bad copy. But, if it is as bad as you have explained to me, to buy something horrib
  5. Hello again! Greets from Spain! I am trying to complete a 82 abn D-Day parachutist characterization. I think I should start by getting a parachute, but my budget doesn’t allow me to buy one of the excellent copies made in the US. I’d like to ask you for advise about this other copy, made in Europe, but more affordable for me. At first sight I can notice some faults such as the emergency handle of the chest parachute, that should be red, but it can be easily replaced. Before making a decision and buying it, I’d like to know your expert opinión on whether this is an acceptable copy.
  6. Thank you both for your answers. Thanks DUSTIN, it is the information I was looking for. I believe the same: B3 for husky and B4 for the others. But I wanted to know more opinions. Thank you.
  7. Hello! I’d like to complete my 82abn. parachutist equipment. I’ve got a question about Mae West life preserver. Which was the most common model used at Operations Husky, Neptune and Market Garden? Was B3 model used at the beginning and replaced by B4 model when the war was about to be won? Or were both models used interchangeably? Which is the most suitable model for each campaign? Thanks a lot in advance. Regards from Spain.
  8. Hi. I bought these overshoes, a few days ago. I thought they are originals of WW2. https://ibb.co/ky4vcb https://ibb.co/nkxsOG But to see them more closely I have seen the markings that are seen in the photographs. https://ibb.co/cv5FAw https://ibb.co/eDp8Vw The markings of the photos can be the date? I have never seen that type of markings in other WWII things. I need to know if they are original WW2 or post-war manufacturing. Thanks for the help.
  9. I need help. What do you think, is it original from WW2 or postwar made? Thanks for your time. Regards.
  10. I thought that the late war and postwar jump wings used "pin" anchor. And only ww2 used needle lock.
  11. Can anyone give me opinion about these wings? Are they originals of ww2, postwar or fake? Thank you!
  12. Hello Thanks for the info. tarbridge.I wait for your news, when you can look at the award list, let me know. Thank you.
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