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    Served in the USMCR 1983-87 as a Field Radio Operator (2531) in Mike Battery, 4/14. Into Vietnam War history and living history. Also WWII photographer impression both Army and Marine Corps.
  1. Excellent helmet. The period green duct tape is a nice touch. Congrats!
  2. I think he is Free French Army, my deux centimes...
  3. Not at present. I'm contemplating trying paint removal for the first time to find out. My imagination went wild for a moment and I saw a blue Navy D-Day paint job hiding in there! However, when I remembered that the rear-seam swivel looped one also had blue paint on the rim better sense kicked in. Probably an Indian unit marking, but I have had no luck chasing that on the internet. Still, in there current condition I don't think an attempt at removing some paint would hurt.
  4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. There are two sides to every story, but I believe the family. They had no reason to fabricate anything and the auction house did=$. If the auction house did indeed treat this family that poorly, and again why would the family not tell the truth, then I have a real problem with that.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I was able to make out numbers 628 (8/1943) on one, and 247C (8/1942) on the other. I would not bet more than a Coke on those being exact, but that was with raking light and a pretty good magnifying glass. Dates from the Ghost Treaders Museum online database. Any other thoughts/input appreciated!
  6. Howdy, Stopped in a home furniture and decoration "salvage" store today and picked up what appear to be three US M1 helmets. Two fixed bail and one rear seam swivel. They are loaded with paint layers and corrosion so I'm not having much luck seeing the heat stamps. The majority of the things in the store are from Asia and these had stickers indicating they were from India. They were amongst stacks of similar condition (well used) British Turtle helmets and some of the M1 profiled fiberglas helmets used by the Indian Army. My question to you all is this-are these US surplus that the Indian Army got a hold of or are they Indian made? Thanks in advance!
  7. Wonderful grouping. Definitely a hard-charger.
  8. That he was was in mourning.
  9. A bunch were reproduced for Saving Private Ryan. At the front sells repros now.
  10. Fair winds and following seas, Marine! Semper Fidelis! My condolences.
  11. capa

    Helmet Display

    Museum guy here-don't use any plastic with PVCs in it. They off-gas and break down (get sticky, leave a residue) over time. You're better off using polypropelene, polyethelene, or in this case archival polyester film (PET-brand name Mylar). Hope that helps
  12. Bienvenue! Welcome Aboard!
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