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  1. Frank Traszka has an example currently listed for sale on his website. http://www.usmilitaryknives.com/knife_sale_page.htm
  2. Last honest treasure hunt I saw On TV was Geraldo opening Capone’s safe ???
  3. I am still wondering if the knife was planted in the first place? Kind of like the CBS video of a fake Wuhan Flu drive-testing site that Project Veritas uncovered... if it was me, I’d have planted a JAPAN stamped version?
  4. Got me on that one, forgot about him. in general, I have issues with all the hyped “experts”, especially those on American Picker’s. We still watch it but with a bucket of salt. I sent a comment to them once, suggesting they take along the “average picker” to look at everything they typically pass on. I know I would have a great time!
  5. I thought he said it had “New York” under Camillus? Maybe just “NY”? i looked at an earlier post I had on the JPK thread, was thinking that style.
  6. I have found most of the Pawn Stars “experts” to be lacking, quit watching years ago.
  7. Digging for plundered gold on Luzon in the Philippines, the searchers found and old knife in a tunnel. They had Craig Gottlieb on to ID the knife, he used to ID stuff on Pawn Stars. the searchers thought WWII, Craig ID’d it it as a JPK, and found Camillus, New York on the blade. He dated it in the 70’s??? i thought this stamp was post military contract, in the 80’s? my wife just kicked me out of the house for showing her an example, saying I ruined the show???. now sitting on the deck with a cigar and a glass of wine?
  8. This is a 100% correct theater knife, perfect in my eyes. UNIQUE!
  9. Seller sent me pics with the handles off... will post shortly.
  10. Found this for sale at $800. Full tip, no sheath. Feasible?
  11. Thanks for the education Skip?
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