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  1. Hello Phil! I'm a WAC reenactor, collector (and a bit fanatic ) from Europe. It's awesome that you have all this pictures and stuff. I'm impressed that you have it all and in good condition. Will be happy to know more about your auntie, her adventure in the army! If you want tell her story, show her pictures to me contact me please here on via mail womensarmycorps.pl@gmail.com I have my own page about Wacs if you want I can publish her story And of course I will be happy to help you with everything you need about this uniforms and equipment Dorothy
  2. Hello! Historical events depicting the daily life as well as escape attempts of former WWII American POWs held in Oflag 64, a POW camp for American ground force officers, will be re-enacted on Saturday, September 16, 2017. The Living History re-enactments will be held on the site of the former camp. It has become a tradition that many family members of the former Oflag 64 Ex-Kriegies visit Szubin annually. Five members of the Oflag 64 Association will be attending the “Living History – Oflag 64” on September 16. They are: Susanna Connaughton, daughter of the late 2nd Lt. Seymour R. Bolten, Dave Stewart, son of the late Capt. Donald B. Stewart, Cindy Sharpe Burgess, daughter of 2nd Lt. Wilbur B. Sharpe, Lauren Burgess, granddaughter of Sharpe, and Glenn Burgess, son-in-law of Sharpe. Also attending will be producer David “Wino” Weinstein, the great-nephew of 2nd LT. Leonard Feldman, who will be filming the reenactment for a US documentary entitled “Feldman, Portrait of a POW”. Weinstein has worked in the film industry in Pittsburgh for the past 27 years as a producer and location manager. His body of work includes such movies as “Striking Distance” (1993) starring Bruce Willis and lot more. “The theme of our event is different from other living history events and is the only event of this type in our country, or even, to our knowledge, in Europe. It will be held on the original site of the former Schubin POW camp. The re-enactors from all over Poland will perform at the highest level and present Oflag 64 as it was 70 years ago. Every attendee will be able to experience the living history of the POW camp” Link to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1919829041620583/ On war history online: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/historical-re-enactment-event-demonstrates-life-former-world-war-ii-prisoner-war-camp.html Our page: https://www.facebook.com/zywahistoriaoflagu64/ More info: https://oflag64altburgund.blogspot.com/2017/08/living-history-oflag-64.html Please join or share this event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1919829041620583/ Greetings!
  3. Wacs in ETO it's often 12th Army, 8th Air, 9th Air and usually Wacs in Belgiun were in Headquarters so they wore their patches if you need this. It's list about WAC in ETO. I think that this will not be a WAC patch.
  4. It is impossible. WAC couldn't wear the patch of the division. There were exceptions of course, but 1st Infantry there is no possibility
  5. Yes, good size. Desirable. Recently friend was looking for! You can send me ad. Maybe she will be still interested. It should be more stiffened, you know. But still good.
  6. It's Women's Army Auxiliary Corps insignia to Hobby Hat. It was weared with WAAC Winter Service Uniform. Winter WAAC hats are not very common. It's not great condition but also not so bad. Do you know what size? I think that you will quickly find a customer. If it is 1943 it will be really early 1943. On September 1 1943 insignia were different. For example here you have a picture Wacs in this hat - https://www.facebook.com/womensarmycorpsww2/photos/a.244090942631200.1073741834.243146526058975/335139890192971/?type=3&theater.
  7. Yes, you're right, technically.
  8. I love it, but is post war, July 1945 :/ I have some Wacs with armored patch, unfortunately I can't post image there. But in a few months I will add a separate post.
  9. This is nice page http://wwii-army.mooseroots.com/d/b/Women%27s-Army-Corps#main but can't enter serial number :/ You don't have any more informations ? And 4 mean Alabama, Florida, Georgia Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee so that's ok. I'm still looking for.
  10. They don't wore patches like that. But for example I have a pictures where Wacs have a 9th Armored Division patch, but it will be only for book about Wacs jobs, I guess.
  11. Thank you for share, it's awesome stuff and history !
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