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  1. This patch was made by either Jim Maxwell or Harry McAllister while they were stationed in Japan late 1950's-early 1960's. It was made for collectors. I received one back than as a kid.
  2. #10 I was told is 2nd Bn, 22nd Inf, 2nd Infantry Division??????
  3. I was told Number 2 is for Citadel ROTC beret flash?
  4. Label on back of number nine reads: "799th Tank Destroyer Bn", but no such unit existed during WWII.
  5. I've been told number one is for 54th Troop Carrier Sqdn.
  6. Thank you for the quick ID on the 2nd ID AVN. I'd been caring this one around for years and never had a correct answer.
  7. Can anyone ID any of the pictured USA patches?
  8. Can anyone help me in ID'ing these USA patches?
  9. Can anyone help me in ID'ing these USA patches?
  10. Good guess, but It appears to be USA made. All cotton embroidered. But then, it could have been made in this country for a British unit?
  11. Can any member help me with ID'ing the following U. S. military patches?
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