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  1. Here is a short article that talks about a few of the weapons supplied by Spain in 1777 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54e68c0ae4b0f761f4778fc5/t/5967da7e29687f6307c25f6d/1499978367468/Some+Spanish+Weapons+in+the+++++++++++++American+Revolution.pdf
  2. This is a copy of the Spanish 1728 Cavalry sword I just made for a customer. It is a type of sword supplied by Spain to the Americans during our War of Independence from England. In 1777, King Carlos III of Spain approved four million Reales ($500,000) in bullion for the Americans to purchase arms and uniforms; including 30,000 muskets, swords, knives and bayonets. Many of the arms in question were already arsenalled in the Spanish interior of America, and thus were a quick and easy acquisition as they were already on the continent rather than arms sold by other nations that had to be shipped from Europe. My copy here is made from measurements of an original sword in the collection of Arizona Historical Society #7366. Sword is 43 inches overall, with a 36-1/2 inch blade. Iron hilt with barred grip of twisted copper wire If you are interested in seeing more of my Historical Military Art please visit my website: www.irontreeforge.com
  3. Thank you will do. Here is practice / sample for the project. experimenting with "theatre knife" materials to achieve both the Vietnam Service medal and the POW/MIA flag color schemes in one glance.
  4. I am in the design stage for a commemorative art piece for Vietnam POW/MIA, and plan to use the Vietnam Service ribbon as part of the design My question - Which would be more fitting as to the dates presented on the finished piece: the entire war 1955-1975, or only when the Service ribbon was issued 1958-1975 (or another set of dates)? Thanks
  5. Thank you! schmooser I did do a Scagel inspired knife about a year ago for a customer. He needed a short blade so he could carry it in New Jersey...
  6. Thanks sundance! Both me and my gal do bladesmithing as a living - Check out our past work at http://hammerseye.blogspot.com/ or on Facebook www.facebook.com/ironjohncopperrein I try to keep my posts on here to topic of US Military - the links above have our other work too
  7. I understand not an American weapon, but a weapon used in the American South West under Spanish then Mexican rule. This is an exact copy of an original Spanish Model 1728 Sword in the collection of the Arizona Historical Society. I made this for The Mission San Juan Capstrano in California for their upcoming exhibit of the Life of the Garrison during the late 1770s. Second image is the original arsenal engraving from the 18th century
  8. Thank you sundance, I will let her know you like it! The handle is wood - it is curly maple with an ox blood stain
  9. My gal and shop partner's work for a retiring member of the US Army Special Forces. The colors and etchings all relate to the unit of the person who is receiving this as a retirement present.
  10. Thanks every one, and yes I remember you aznation (Matt) thank you too. I am currently working on a sword for the National Park service at California's San Juan Capistrano that I plan to make a post on here soon - even though it is a Spanish military sword, it was a type used in the founding of the US so I feel may fit in here some how.
  11. Thank you forum members! its been a bit since I was online last, but digging through the forum today I found a bunch of posts on WWII Sword Knives - these cut down fighting knives made from pre-existing swords - and I absolutely love them! As a bladesmith who makes historic knives and swords the mix of the two is enticing! but the question is - - Make them today from the cheap swords on hand? or Make a knife blade to look like it was once a sword? or Heaven forbid, cut up an old sword? What if any interest is there in a modern custom maker playing with these old things? And/or people interested in WWII era sword knives? I'd love to see what the community thinks. If anyone needs to see more of my work look up my past threads here or view stuff on my new blog https://hammerseye.blogspot.com/
  12. Thank you Sundance! Yes all of them go a sheath too, again based on the WWII vintage USN riveted leather sheaths
  13. Knives I just made for the 7 surviving original members of Squadron VAQ130 of the 1990 Gulf War. Laminated steel blades, stacked plastics, and "sweetheart" style photographic grip. Overall design based on the WWII vintage USN MK1 combat knife
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