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  1. There you go with the label, looks like 90 contract date
  2. Thanks to all for your precious answers. The seller is saying that he exchanged the shirt in Caserma Ederle in Vicenza with some Italian stuff (he was providing some services for the base so he had many contacts with the soldiers). I asked him about the condition and he answered that is almost new. However there are too many red flags on this (no SGM Garcia identified, basic wings for a SGM, odd pocket modification, pretty new condition), I think I'll pass on this. I attach some pics of another 173rd DCU from my collection with the same pocket modification of RedLegGI's DCU
  3. Thanks to all for your answers! So it's an early 50s signal corps paratrooper hat. I think I didn't pay too much for it with 19 dollars.
  4. The laundry marks in the inside
  5. Hi all, This is a hat I acquired time ago for very few dollars. Since WWII its not my exact collection period, I would love to have some feedback from someone more expert then me. Is it really WWII? What is worth? Its not heavy wool but is cotton (maybe a summer hat) and in the inside I found 2 laundry marks (2 times the same), I researched a little bit and found 3-4 people from WWII with this exact combination of numbers and letters. Any comment is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I've just found this DCU but it looks weird to me. It has a combat jump but there's no SGM Garcia on the jump manifest for 2003 jump, just a SPC and a SGT. Moreover I cannot find any info about a SGM Garcia in 173rd airborne. Any opinion?
  7. Hello Dave! Thank you very much!
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