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  1. Thanks guys, looks like that's exactly what I need.
  2. Probably didn't word it very clearly, by factory I meant the velcro manufacturer not the flight suit manufacturer. I'm aware that flight suits come only with the name plate velcro and the rest is added after, hence the difference in color between the two. Here's a different piece of gear that has that same shade of velcro:
  3. It definitely came in that color from the factory as I have brand new pieces with the same exact shade. The problem is finding who the manufacturer is and if they're still in business.
  4. Does anyone know where one can source this blue colored velcro that is often added to CWU.27/P flight suits?
  5. Pawtwo mentioned it above, when the color was changed in 1987 to OD green it still retained the one piece design. So does anybody know when it was updated to the two piece design? I'd guess sometime in the 90's.
  6. They did come in green with the one piece design, I've got one. (not my photo)
  7. Thank you. Do you also happen to know when they switched from the one piece to the two piece design?
  8. Does anyone know when the switch from black to green M1 caps happened? Late 80's?
  9. Thank you for the photos. The smaller version you guys mention has NSN 6545-180-6239 it got superseded by 6545-01-094-8412 which was enlarged by a few inches (as shown above) then that got superseded by 6545-01-521-8502. I was wondering if there was any cosmetic difference between 8412 and 8502 but I'm guessing they only changed the actual contents inside the first aid kit.
  10. So the difference is only in the contents, visually the pouch that holds the plastic box stayed the same going from NSN 6545-01-094-8412 to 8502, right?
  11. What's the difference between USGI IFAK's with NSN 6545-01-094-8412 and 6545-01-521-8502?
  12. To piggy back on the topic (I hope the OP doesn't mind), do you know the different types of carriers that were issued? From my understanding there are at least three variations but I guess there could be more.
  13. No worries, as a matter of fact thank you for pointing that out as I was not aware of the M40A1 variant. I'm guessing only the very early MCU-2/P carriers were marked as this is the first one I've seen and it has a 1986 contract date.
  14. Are you sure? If I'm not mistaken the M50 started replacing the M40 and MCU-2/P only from 2010 onward. Anyway I thought I'd share these photos I found the other day. Surprisingly this one is stamped, looks like the MCU-2/P carrier has only two pockets on the inside as opposed to the three of the M40 carrier.
  15. I see what you guys are saying, do the old M40 carriers have the three smaller pockets on the inside as well?
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