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  1. I know very little about WW1, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam leather holsters. Except some are very expensive. Hopefully someone else can help.
  2. Thanks for the comments. I've been wanting one myself for several years. Been down with a stomach bug (thinking food poisoning) since Monday so haven't tried it out yet.
  3. Thanks. I've had "Real" Chicago Dogs from a downtown Chicago street vendor, and real Mexican Tamales with my Mexican neighbors, but never a New York City Pizza so I'll have to take your word on that.
  4. You're correct my mistake. Had my Winchester 1897 shotgun on my mind. I'll update my post.
  5. The gun show did not have any food available and I had two hungry grandsons helping me. Domino's was required for me to survive.
  6. Blacksmith. That is another reason I'm having a gunsmith friend of mine check it over. Believe me I bought it right. It's gonna go in my gun cabinet regardless. It is an awesome looking gun, with matching parts so I am happy. Thanks, Bob
  7. Action is smooth as silk. I realize it's not a purists version of a trench gun, but it is a 1915 manufactured 1897 Winchester with authentic trench gun attachments. Another beautiful addition to my collection.
  8. This gun looks original to me, but I'll be taking it to a friend of mine that knows them inside out. Sept 1943 Winchester 03A3. From what I can see all of the markings look correct. The stock is even in really great shape albeit with some minor repairs.
  9. Picked this up on Saturday. NOS WW2 M3 pistol holster by Enger-Kress Company. I believe it was packaged 6-1-44, 5 days before D-Day. Just need some acid free magazine covers to protect the paper and holster. Definitely NOT a user.
  10. Anybody know of a way to remove black marker but leave the original printing?
  11. Awesome. Found a picture of the full kit. I looked for half hour this morning and found nothing. Thanks a bunch.
  12. Digging through duffel bags of gear during this stay at home junk and found this bag. Unfortunately someone used a black marker and marked out the identifying information on the side panel. I tried several photo filters to try and read the information, but nothing worked. Can anyone identify what exactly I have here? The equipment that came with this lot was from the early 50's to early 80's, with most of it Vietnam period. Thanks, Bob
  13. I was really looking for verification on what I had already suspected. It's heavy as heck and will get used as a nice reproduction. Only got $40 into it as is, so a heavy, solid bolo like this one is worth that everyday. Thanks.
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