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  1. Anybody know of a way to remove black marker but leave the original printing?
  2. Awesome. Found a picture of the full kit. I looked for half hour this morning and found nothing. Thanks a bunch.
  3. Digging through duffel bags of gear during this stay at home junk and found this bag. Unfortunately someone used a black marker and marked out the identifying information on the side panel. I tried several photo filters to try and read the information, but nothing worked. Can anyone identify what exactly I have here? The equipment that came with this lot was from the early 50's to early 80's, with most of it Vietnam period. Thanks, Bob
  4. I was really looking for verification on what I had already suspected. It's heavy as heck and will get used as a nice reproduction. Only got $40 into it as is, so a heavy, solid bolo like this one is worth that everyday. Thanks.
  5. The font, bomb proof, and other things lead me to believe this is not an actual SA 1909 Bolo, but I'd like the opinion of those that have more experience with these than I. Even if it's a repop, I bought it cheap enough to get my money out of it as a user. Thanks.
  6. My guess is one of 4 things. 1) the blade is too long to fit in the scabbard. 2) there is something stuck inside the scabbard limiting. 3) The soldiers that did this removed both pieces of the flat spring inside the scabbard to allow it to fit. 4) The handle is too wide to allow the blade to slide all the way down. #3 is my guess as to what your issue really is. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  7. OK. this is for you guys that may have been lucky, or unlucky enough to set these up in your tent. Other than di-electric grease, is there anything that I can use to get these connectors to go together all the way? I've tried spit, vaseline, and di-electric grease. No matter what I do they will not join far enough that they are secure. I've checked the depth of all of the female ends and it are deeper than the male ends are long so that is not the problem. Could brass connector corrosion, even though they look ok be the cause? I'm out of ideas. Thanks.
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