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    medal collector to identified or attributable U.S. Army Coast Artillery.
  1. Thank you, I ordered the Louis Small book used on Amazon. That OMSA site is a treasure trove.
  2. I have been looking at alot of WW1 state awards on different sites. some seem to have been issued by hometowns, or possibly towns the soldiers mustered in, or by their home states. Is there a good reference site that explains these awards, or even a book? I am looking for one from North Dakota, and or Minnesota. Hooah!
  3. Does anyone out there know, what if any French award would have been awarded to an American PFC killed in action. This particular soldier earned a silver star citation with his Victory medal. was it case by case, or would it usually have been the same award or two? I understand the medaille militaire was just awarded to officers, and Croix de guerres for enlisted. I could certainly be wrong. Cheers
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