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  1. Have been unable to determine what this stenciled unit ID is on this SAW haversack. Crossed rifles with "G", "F", "V" from L to R with a "4" in the bottom of the crossed rifles. I have 2 photos but the stencil is a little hard to see. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help.
  2. Relatively new to the forum but this post came up when I was googling 758th RSB recently. My dad was in the 758th RSB & I always wondered if the Disney designed patch was ever made in any form. As I understand it there are no embroidered versions. So there are 2 of these ink on leather versions out there & you have one of them. Very cool! I'm glad to see your appreciation of what the ROBs & RSBs did in CBI. I don't think many folks outside of our "community" even know of CBI. My dad gave me his CBI stuff which I cherish..including one of the best gold bullion CBI patches I have ever seen. I will say half serious...half joking....if you ever wish to part with that patch..you know who to contact. Thanks for your time and happy collecting!!
  3. I bought a 1918 75 mm shell w/ the Cross of Lorraine from that catalog. Very simple design which was part of the appeal. Most of the shell was pebbled (?) with a relief Cross of Lorraine in a shield with a fluted bottom and a mellow dark patina overall. The work done on the shell was very crisp. I'll get some time soon & get a photo posted here.
  4. And 4 years later someone else has the same question... I have the exactly the same belt you have. It has this printed on the back. ASSEMBLED BY R.M. CO. 43 Anyway I too thought this would be a mountain troops belt but have not found a definitive answer as yet. It was issued to somebody "C-6535".
  5. Great series of pictures! I recently found this British made US pistol belt but it has the British style hardware. Seems all the other British made US belts I encounter except for the 1923 cartridge belt have the typical US style hardware.
  6. Great series of pictures! I recently found this British made US pistol belt but it has the British P37 hardware. Seems all the other British made US belts I encounter have the typical US style hardware.
  7. Thanks for the info! I'll look for the Trading Post article.
  8. Not even sure if this is US...thinking it might be British. Anyway, have no idea what it is or how old it is. Don't recall how I acquired this patch. Any thoughts on it's origin or how is it worn (I'm assuming it's an SSI)??? Thanks to all who reply.
  9. Found this in an antique shop. Real..fake...??? Except for the blue stripe color scheme, it's the China HQ patch design. Did this color scheme ever exist? If so does it have a specific meaning? Not seen this patch in bullion either. It has some minor wear & tear and the fabric seems faded a bit but that's easy to fake. Didn't cost much which is another reason I think it may not be authentic. Worst case...it's an inexpensive odd repro which is probably the only way I could afford this patch anyway. Any and all opinions welcome. Thanks!
  10. I revisited my WWI collar discs to see if any of those fit the re-strike criteria and only 3 looked suspect...well one I think is a repo for different reasons. Attached are 2 pics of the suspect discs. I concluded the 2 Infantry discs were ok because the "hump" looked different but I would like input from you guys on that. The air corps musician disc...did that really exist? Looks too good. It was not expensive & I was willing to tolerate it as a repro. If you guys think otherwise, I'd like to hear that. Any and all opinions are welcome. Thanks.
  11. The jacket is awesome and its cool to link it to a person. The medal rack is just so off to me relative to the jacket & the man's documented service history. The jacket is dated 1955 but has two medals that didn't exist until the 60's (one not until 1968) but he could have used the jacket into the 60's so that's plausible I guess. The write up stated he was wounded in Saigon & the purple heart is there but only the Korean service medal & no Vietnam service medal. Lastly, if he had received the DSC, SS & BS that certainly would have been at least mentioned in the obit & tributes.
  12. Sharing a recent find that fits this topic. a 1968-70 US Army 7th Army Spec 5 uniform. It's complete except for the missing ribbon. I never knew this "Pershing pickle" badge even existed. This is one of the first series of badges that has "artillery group". Some of the bronze color has worn off. The DI's are for the 81st Field Arty Regiment which had the Pershing missiles. It had a $47 tag on it. I got it for $40. Cool uniform & the Pershing badge is a real bonus.
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