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  1. No kidding...My first issue was small/extra long!
  2. We had a guy during Desert Storm That was a PFC for over a year, never getting his automatic promotion to LCPL because he was overweight. He was working in the chowhall when a General came in and stated he didn't like PFC's in his Marine Corps and promoted him and a couple others to LCPL on the spot. I remember the officers weren't very happy, because since a General promoted him they couldn't do anything about it. Just throwing that out, because maybe some disciplinary action was keeping them from being promoted.
  3. Robert Leckie, in one of his books, tells of Marines making Japanese flags, using handkerchiefs and coloring the sun with match tips and then trying to sell them to the army troops who arrived as reinforcements on Guadalcanal.
  4. I'm not sure, but I do know I've seen english written in foreign uniforms before. The ribbons on the collars are what reminded me of some of the foreign uniforms I've seen. Can't remember what country, but if I come across a pic I'll pm it to you...
  5. The ribboned, crossed rifles sound like some of the foreign uniforms I see at the thrift stores from time to time. I think they're swedish or Norwegian...
  6. thats what I kind of figured. Thanks for the help...
  7. The pork and beef patty were in the 1980's MRE's and you needed water to rehydrate them. In bootcamp they made us eat them dry. Thanks for the offer, but I don't eat them anymore now that I don't have to!
  8. Chicken and rice was my favorite AND it came with 2 desserts! I learned its number (11), for those days they told us just to grab one and go.
  9. Picked this up with a few other patches, but not sure of it's authenticity. I reserached it, but still not sure. Base material looks like velvet. Any ideas?
  10. "Winner will receive only what is shown in photos." Hahaha
  11. Tom, funny you mentioning that about the boots, as I thought the same thing about the uniform shirts I found. After seeing their living conditions, I thought twice about keeping them. Wish I would have now. On a side note, I found a pair of hot pink, 1970's style running shorts near an anti-aircraft site. No, I didn't touch them, but what an interesting bringback that would have been!
  12. Sadly, I lost my gas mask in a move. Anyone know what was in the big bulbous syringes that were in the Iraqi gas masks? They had a yellowish liquid and a very scary looking needle. We heard it was morphine, but wasn't so sure that would have been in a gas mask. Something similar to our atropine?
  13. That arc on his shoulder might explain it, but it wasn't clear when i tried to enlarge it.
  14. When I was in in 1989-1995, covers were a hodgepodge of EGA emblems or no emblem. Mine didn't have one and I don't remember it being required.
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