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  1. If they had the VNMC pattern in my size, I'd be all over it. Is there a maker's label in them?
  2. I love the font of the R in this one. That would have given my command conniptions in the late '80s.
  3. Who is making the best repros? I'd enjoy something to wear, and not worry about destroying value.
  4. Correct. I noted that in the title. I'm just unsure of what or who these were made for. It's obviously not one of the 1964-1966 OD ones. It's 1985 dated, but with what seems to be a legit government label (one of the usual manufacturers for military contracts, has DLA number, does not have "Made in U.S.A." or Made in Taiwan, etc). The label doesn't seem like one of the commercial copies. Were they maybe made for something like humanitarian missions, or FEMA, or something? Just curious if anyone has seen others like this. The guy has a half dozen of them and they're all just like this, w
  5. Man, what would that tiger monster suit be worth now . . . ? I can imagine the fictional eBay description about it being some LRRP/SF attempt to frighten the NVA/VC out of the jungle, etc.
  6. The labels seem legit, with DLA number and no "Made in the U.S.A." (or anywhere else), but I've never seen OD ones from this time period. And the color is very uniform, with no signs of faded ERDL or woodland pattern. What do you guys make of these?
  7. How are their tiger stripe repros? Looking a buying something for my nephew.
  8. Forgot to add the early green camo parachute material ones.
  9. OD, ERDL, Woodland, ACU, MARPAT, Multicam/OCP. Strangely, until recently I'd only seen the OD ones from very early production, but a Canadian eBay seller has a few dated in the 1980s. I got one and it seems to be a legit label (only manufacturer name, no "Made in the U.S.A.", etc), made by Hialeah Industries Inc.
  10. Did they ever come in tall sizes? I haven't seen one.
  11. Those look like pretty comfy boots. Nice find. What do the real NVA ones usually go for?
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