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  1. kwill, Appreciate your input.
  2. Maybe shipped through the Navy and marked U.S. PROPERTY because so many were for lend lease. I believe I read (or dreamed ) that the NAVY marked ones were the rarest in totals.
  3. The S has to do with if it was originally built with the improved hammer block. IIRC if originally built with the hammer block it would have the S machine stamped. The S would also be found on the upper left corner of the right side plate. If the S is found being hand stamped, it was added after production. Best I can remember right now.... Cheers, Charlie-Painter777 HERE..... See Moore's Cool Gun Site, http://www.coolgunsite.com/ CLICK ON 'REV. GALLERY'.......... NOW SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE TO: WWII VICTORY MODEL NOTES PAGES........ SEE; OTHER COMMON MARKINGS,
  4. French Model 1885 37 MM. Used by the French and Americans during WI and early/limited use in WWII. The gun was either used on a fixed tripod or wheeled carriage. Initially 2 types of Ammunition were used, a 1-pound solid steel shell and a high explosive round filled with black powder.. I believe the PDP stands for the factory, “Pouderies de Paris”, and 37-85 means 37mm model of 1885. The 1.17 is the manufacture date, January 1917. The number 334 is most likely the lot number. The Flaming cannon ball Ordnance inspectors acceptance stamp. I recall seeing a couple styles of the cannon ball/flames. Maybe the difference being one style French vs American stamp ? IDK for sure but believe the early US M1917 Renault tanks may have used these. There was a lot of 37mm use, much more than I know about. Here is a past auction with a round like yours: https://www.soldusa.com/Listing/Details/6329151/WW1-French-Hotchkiss-37mm-Shell-HS-3785-PDPs-411-9-17-with-Flaming-Bomb-Inert I found a picture, just not sure if it's a Model of 1916 or 1885... Let us know if it's loaded Cheers, Charlie-Painter777
  5. Have you found out who the maker is? When magnified, your 2nd picture looks to show letters near the bottom on the right side lock plate. I don't know enough about these to be able to tell if it's a converted from Flintlock to Percussion. I do know that often the side plate/lock were purchased pre-made from small makers and the name on the lock/plate will often be that of it's supplier. Most often (I'm told) the Gunsmiths name would appear (If any) on the barrel. Any way I was able to find one that has some similarities to yours. Here's the link to more pics/info: https://www.antiques-atlas.com/antique/19th_c_percussion_pistol/as093a4491 Keep us posted and Good Luck, Charlie-Painter777
  6. firstflabn, NO not the Wet Noodle !!! I've always appreciated your input. I envy your knowledge and ability to research the records. And I have enjoyed your posts on many different forums for quite a few years now. But as far as crowds go... I try to stay away from them. If I do find myself in one for some reason the strangest SOB there will find me... Thanks for the info. Cheers, Charlie-Painter777
  7. Big Thanks to The Carbine Collector's Club for preserving the reports written by Mr. Bill Ricca. I was able to find Bill's report about GL's. In his 'History of the M7A1, M7A2, and M7A3 Grenade Launchers, The Recoiling Grenade Launchers' article. Bill wrote about the problems with grenadiers carrying a M1 rifle having to take the GL off to have semi-auto capabilities. Early 1945 " As long as the M7 remained on the rifle, the gas system remained opened. To re-gain semi-automatic capability the operator had to remove the launcher, which disabled it in its role as the rifle squad's grenadier. The constant removal and mounting of the M7 led to high losses. According to ordnance documents between 15% and 20% of M7's in inventory were being lost each month." You can read the complete article here: http://www.uscarbinecal30.com/Ricca_M7_Grenade_Launchers.html Maybe with estimated losses of 15-20% of M7 GL's per month, may indicate not nearly as many were used as we may think (?) I Thank The Club and MR. Ricca, Charlie-Painter777
  8. I've seen auction carbines with the launcher sights installed. But haven't come across any pics in the ETO or PTO. I have extra M1 carbine stocks showing they had been fitted for the mounts, most all of these are heavily damaged. Links here, but no idea if these carbines were fitted during WWII or Korea. https://www.icollector.com/Winchester-M1-Carbine-with-Side-Mounted-M15-Marked-Grenade-Launcher-Sight-Sling-and-Bayonet_i10496881 https://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=1426063 https://auctions.thegunrunner.com/lots/view/1-PKWLB/us-m1-carbine-30-cal-military-underwood-mfg-grenade-launcher-1943-wwii Charlie-Painter777
  9. First Bless his service. Sorry for the loss of a friend. The pistol reminds me of a video I seen about the gun markets in Pakistan. Amazing what skilled people can pull off with scrap steel and a file. VR, Charlie-Painter777
  10. Garet, I came across your older post here...... While looking for Carbine posts. Hope you don't mind me knocking some dust off your post ........ Was wondering if the number 1 after the M on the front receiver ring looks to be a machine stamped or Hand stamped 1 ? In this serial# range we find Machine stamped and Hand stamped 1's. Later in this block, the 2's (M2) are found. A Hand stamped 1 is of interest to collectors and can add some $ value to it. Often a Hand stamped 1 doesn't line up to the M like machine stamped one. Do you still own it and capable of looking at it? These next 2 features below make this stock often sought after: Does your stock have the longer 4.14" front barrel channel ? And if the Recoil plate seat area has the extra support cut in the stock on the bottom for the bottom/back edge of the plate ? Congrats on scoring a nice 6.6 mil Inland... ! Cheers, Charlie-Painter777
  11. Costa, See the link below. It is a Real or Fake test comparison put together by Rick Borecky. You'll find your version there. https://www.milsurps.com/showthread.php?t=16300 HTH, Charlie-Painter777
  12. In the late 20's Edward Fisher built a mansion with 269 rooms that his wife didn't like. Sold it off and is now Fords proving grounds: See reply #6: https://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20585-Ford-Motor-Michigan-Proving-Grounds-Edward-Fisher-Estate-Mansion-Romeo Inland and Fisher Body were both part of GM. Edward Fisher had a hand in both GM and Fisher Body before retiring in 1944. Fisher Body and Inland were intertwined in parts for tanks, trucks, planes and other goods like steering wheels.. etc. Fisher Body and Inland Div during WWII: http://usautoindustryworldwartwo.com/Fisher%20Body/fisherbodydatabase.htm http://usautoindustryworldwartwo.com/General%20Motors/inland.htm Edward and his brothers built the Fisher Building in Detroit. Interesting to see who Edward Fishers neighbors were back in the day. Wonder if Ty Cobb or Joe Louis were shown XC-47 ? https://historicbostonedison.org/Significant-Residents-of-BE Later, Charlie-Painter777
  13. GF, Do you know any previous to your buying it background on your XC 47? Are you or do you know if it has any connection to the Kettering, Ohio.... Near Dayton area? Does your stock show any sign of having had a Brass tag attached to the bottom of the pistol grip? I'll explain more later....... My notes and files are at home, so not available to me right now. When you get a chance take good detailed pictures. They'll be asked for. Feel free to PM me if better suited Regards, Charlie-Painter777
  14. Inland XC 48 and XC 49 have been located and as of 2006 were owned by the same person. They were at the Carbine show in Bhama. More info available........ Regards, Charlie-Painter777
  15. @ccyooper, No.. Been out of state flipping a house my Daughter bought. Sure missing Michigan, just gotta hang in there until the end of the month. Cheers, Charlie-Painter777
  16. @GF97, May I ask if your front receiver is marked M1 ? Or M2 ?. We have to be careful with these because of coming across 'Humped Versions'. That's why very good pics are vital of the action, receiver, trigger group etc. Some have gone so far as grinding off the serial number, stamping a new one and refinishing. I can give you a few links to look/study up on, that might give you an idea why the guys at the gun show wanted to buy. As stated above join and post on the uscarbinecal30 DOT com site. Find Dan... aka New2brass. Also show the Milsurps gang in the M1/M2 forum. I can be found on both... using the same username. I hope you find these interesting.... I believe you'll find there were different levels on Presentations. Some were custom with the finest parts and wood available. Some with polished blue finishes. Others were put together with what was on hand. Custom cases for some that included name tags, cleaning rod kit, magazine, sling and oiler.. etc. https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/51/3621/inland-m1-carbine-30-m1-carbine http://www.uscarbinecal30.com/forum/inland-with-sn-of-x-g-9_topic4285.html http://www.uscarbinecal30.com/forum/ogca-2018-inland-presentation-carbine-x81_topic3470.html https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/71/1578/documented-presentation-grade-gm-executive-inland-m1-carbine https://www.icollector.com/item.aspx?i=9752512 https://www.milsurps.com/showthread.php?t=42604&page=1 Regards, Charlie-Painter777
  17. So happy I subscribed to this thread years ago. While searching any information I could find about this SSI and the 1387th EBO CO. Below a picture of my Father with the patch on left shoulder and his paper ID card. Somewhere I have a couple Olympic/Games Medals with the 5 star/lightning bolt symbol in the mix. If interested in the back story and the dates, they are in this link: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9247-information-about-this-id-card/?hl=painter777 Cheers, Charlie-Painter777
  18. I know this is an older post, but curious.... If you ended up buying it.... Did the slingwell marking end up being RSG ? Which would be a stock made by The Robert Irwin Co. And was the missing chunk of wood on the left from a scope mount ? Any holes drilled in the left side of the receiver ? Cheers, Charlie-Painter777
  19. Drenthe, After reading this post I had to add a link on another forum with your finds. In turn, A member there has posted a link to his photo album showing his finds in the same area. Two different forums..... but combined it makes a great post about these relics. Here's a link to it.... http://www.milsurps.com/showthread.php?t=27241 Be Safe, Charlie-painter777
  20. Sure looks nice. The Crossed cannons stamp looks to be Inland's. How is the slingwell marked? That front sight is a SG, Saginaw Steering gear, Saginaw, MI. Only maker to have that groove behind the sight blade. Boy, you couldn't ask for a nicer case. Any chance at peeking at the internals? THX for sharing it, Charlie-painter777
  21. Same seller offering a Springfield for $149.00 with 10 available, but shipping is $75.00...... Think that's a typo? http://cgi.ebay.com/M1GARAND-SEMI-AUTOMATI...=item4aa50a9160 The set of 2 listed above for $498.00 includes free shipping... http://cgi.ebay.com/GREAT-DEAL-SET-2-M-1-G...=item336148bddf Good Luck, Charlie-painter777
  22. Can you post closer pictures of the MRT and other markings? Charlie-painter777
  23. Brad K, Mind a few more questions? Are you a member of The Carbine Club? http://carbineclub.com/ Might you be a member of the Milsurps site? We have a great M1 Carbine forum with some of the most knowledgeable carbine collectors to be found. Milsurps carbine forum..... http://www.milsurps.com/forumdisplay.php?f=110 I ask because I know many who would love to see your 1,059,413 Spring Tube WRA. Back to The Carbine Club, We're always looking for fellow collectors willing to share info. Take a look at the Club's link I posted. Near the bottom of their page you can download a copy of the "Data Sheet" which can be filled out and even mailed in. Plus you'll have a permanent record of your markings. The Carbine Club sends out a bi-monthly newsletter with the best up to date information to be found about M1 carbines. If your not a member I highly recommend you join. The back newsletters are priceless. We have a COM (Carbine Of the Month) , A Carbine centerfold to those of us addicted to these rifles. Please consider posting your WRA on Milsurps. Or if your time is limited...... May I copy and paste this thread about your WRA there myself ? Appreciate Your Time and Looking Forward To Your Reply, Charlie-painter777 Advisory Panel Member Milsurps.com E-mail- painter8439@yahoo.com P.S. Hammer Spring.... 22 or 26 coil?
  24. Brad, Very nice find. My info shows WRA using the I cut stock from first production to 1,153,591. Oval cut Hi-woods came in at 1,067,649 until the end of the first serial block. So there was a overlap here..... Lucky for you, you've got the I cut stock ! Large boxed WRA over GHD used to 1,067,649. Unboxed W.R.A. over G.H.D. started around 1,055,513. You have quite the carbine and a spring tube to boot !! Thanks for sharing it. Cheers, Charlie-painter777
  25. Hi BradK, Could you share the serial range on your I cut WRA? Figuring it must be a tad later to have the small letters W.R.A. over G.H.D. stamp with seperate Crossed Cannons. Since it doesn't have the larger boxed W.R.A. over G.H.D. (pictured below) Does the stock have the circled P proof on the bottom of the grip? Any markings in the slingwell or inside near the wood's receiver rails and wood bridge? Is the top and bottom of the oiler slot recessed? Would it be possible to list the type of parts and their markings. I can't get enough of the early Winchester Stocks...... Thx, Charlie-painter777
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