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  1. I am purchasing his M42 Jump jacket. Will post pics when I receive it.
  2. Would anyone have any info. or perhaps a photo of this trooper? Thanks in advance. Todd
  3. I woke up this AM to see that I had recieved a full refund via PP for funds I had paid towards a 508th (painted fireball) helmet. I then requested a full refund for the vesicant camo 3/505th that I bought from him earlier this year (pic of it, in an earlier post) He just messaged me that he will indeed refund my money on that helmet, as soon as PP unlocks his account, which they have done because of all the refund requests. Will update, when refund is received.
  4. Here is a great link covering alot of the things to look for relative to real and faked patinas, rust, etc. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/43517-catching-the-fakes-guide-insignias-and-patina/&do=findComment&comment=334207
  5. My question to Ronny67...could you smell the paint? Obviously 70 year old paint should have zero paint odor. The 3/505th camo (see pic) that I purchased from him had zero paint odor (I sniffed it thoughly several times) and I also tested the black cannonballs for lead (tested positive) and the green vesicant paint, which also tested positive as being original gas detection paint. I used the methods explained on this forum for both tests. I also inquired if he had ever put the helmet up for review here or on the APF, and he said he had not. I wonder if he perfected a way to eliminate paint odor, as one would assume, there would be residual paint odor still detectable? Just some thoughts.
  6. That situation is inevitable. I have also hunted and collected Indian artifacts for over 40 years, and once a collection is discovered to harbor a decent amount of fakes, it casts a cloud of suspicion over the entire collection. Once that happens, most serious collectors dont even want to be remotely associated with said artifacts. Obviously the downside is that the 100 % good pieces, now also are tainted. This phenomenon is just inevitable.
  7. Here is a pic of a 377th PFAB I was offered by Jamie. Soon after I was informed it was sold. In October of 2016 I purchased a 502nd SB M1 shell that he listed on DZ, but I returned it as the hearts had a faint paint odor. He refunded my money without any fuss. I was apprehensive to maje another purchase, but he and his helmets seemed to be so highly regarded on this forum, that I did eventually purchase a camo 505th FB M1 and was paying on the 508th fireball that some of you may remember seeing. I did correspond with him quite frequently, and he sure seemed like a great guy. I always questioned provenance, but usually got an ambiguous answer indicating it came from a trade from a collection in Europe. I have messaged him requesting a return of the funds paid towards the 508th. He did tell me about his Africa trip, and that he would be gone for the month of August. I am not new to collecting WWII headgear and helmets, but was new to M1 and AB helmets. Like I said, he seemed to be the trusted "expert", so I drank the kool aid, too. Like many others who have purchased his helmets, (and there are quite a few others not shown in the helmet group photos) I am left wondering if we will ever hear from him, and if any money will be returned, although that seems unlikely at this point, considering the considerable amount of money probably involved in the entire scope of things. I will say that in the year I did closely follow him and his helmet acquisitions, I did become suspicious that one guy could source so MANY painted AB helmets, but he assured me that he had many connections with many collectors, which no doubt is true, but apparently not the entire truth.
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