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    Filling our 130 year old Victorian Queen Anne that was once the local American Legion during the interwar years with Militaria.
  1. Yesh... woulda been more fruitful to see how many 100 dollar bills it would take to clog a toilet.. -Jeremy
  2. I believe there are plenty of young collectors out there.... ...I think the problem is how many of them are willing to settle for a "restored" helmet with fake & aged makings. So. Many. And all they're doing is flooding the market with fakes. 30+ years from now all that influx is going to be an even larger problem than it is today. -Jeremy
  3. I wasn't convinced from the first pictures (the helmet looked like it was made of that sea foam stuff sold to kids in the 90s!), but these close ups help a lot. That's some thick corking, indeed! -Jeremy
  4. This is fantastic tanker.. Best of luck on the ID! -Jeremy
  5. Fantastic 1st Marine jacket with a great history. Glad you were able to get the research on this one! -Jeremy
  6. Great looking uniform! Those DUIs are killer! -Jeremy
  7. Found this thread while doing a bit of research and cant believe no one commented. What a unique piece! -Jeremy
  8. excellent!!! very nice first jacket! -Jeremy
  9. Yup, typed up right after Pat, missed the chinstrap though, as it was overshadowed by the rest.. definitely a euroclone strap. -Jeremy
  10. Definitely nothing good about the M2.. Bail feet are not right and the aging is totally contrived. I do kinda like the Butterbar lid though.. Not a bad looking helmet, really. -Jeremy
  11. Nice grab! I check Craigslist every so often, but I get real tired when all I find are "WANTED: MILITARIA WWI & WWII". I guess they're clever as they probably corner 80% or the craigslist militaria market, but it sure is annoying. -Jeremy
  12. Just seeing this, but if this is Frank2Far from the Wehrmacht Awards Forum; all he collects is mint. So I'm a little less surprised now. -Jeremy
  13. Glad someone on here secured this one! Couldnt have fallen into better hands, too! -Jeremy
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