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  1. Thank you all so much for the assistance so far and I hope to have more replies ! Patchrat, Thanks for the info: to my knowledge Fort Hood had the first Village Fighting Course / Nazi Village before the designs were codified and sent in a directive to all RTC's. The sites there from the 80's on are news to me and I will look into them. 12thengr, I've a few images of Tigerland (mainly just of the gate, and some small res. aerials), would *love* more from that site, as well as any and all plans. I'll follow up with Fort Polk's historical division as I'm sure they were at least c
  2. Hi all, Figure this is a non-traditional post, but I'm currently involved in research on the mock towns built by the US Army and the Marine Corps from 1942 to 2016 to prepare soldiers for urban combat. They have gone through multiple names and iterations, Combat Village Combat Town Street-Fighting Course Village Fighting Course Combat in Cities Course Mock Village Simulated City Mock Nazi Town Mock Vietnamese Village Mock Japanese Village Mock German Village MOUT Facility UTF CACTF (feel free to add more if I've missed.) I'm interested in seeing if anyone might ha
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