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  1. Hello, BTT Could someone assist me please? Thank you so much. Regards
  2. Hello, Hope the para experts can help here. Can you tell me what do you thik about this T5 Chest Pack Parachute, please? Is everything assembled in its right place as it should? Are there any signs of modern repro substitutions for the various components? Unfortunately, there is only the pack tray : no canopy. It has a "geronimo" thunderbolt marking, which (if authentic) attributes it to 501st PIR. Thanks in advance. Best regards.
  3. Hello! Thanks a lot for all those explanations! Would you give me an email address in order to send higher definition pictures, please? They are too heavy for the forum. Regards. Flo
  4. Last pics. I can send HD pics for those who want more details. Thanks. Best regards, Flo.
  5. Hello, What do you think about this T5 parachute harness, Can you help me identifying it, please. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Florent.
  6. Hello, Thank you so much Joshua! What a detailed answer! Best regards, Florent.
  7. Hello, What do you think about this complete T5 parachute? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Florent.
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