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  1. Great work, can almost here "Fire Mission!" 3d Bn 11th Marines 2n Bn 10th Marines 2n Bn 89th FA US Army 6th Bn 29th FA US Army
  2. good build,fantastic figure work
  3. That is one of the best ideas for a dio I've seen in a long time. Great work
  4. Thanks to all who replied. Here is a link to how to reclaim sprue or other plastics. Hope this helps explain how its done. https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/topic/20356-110th-figure-start/ Encase anyone is wondering, I'm not into save the planet, just really cheap.
  5. Here is a link to the IPMS wed site were I show how it's done.


    Hope this helps. I've used this to create my plastic kits, nothing commercial but it works for me.

    1. stratasfan


      That is unbelievable! You do great work! How did you ever get started on this?

    2. tsaguy007


      That is a hard question to answer. I've always liked building models. I got into sculpting in collage. I did figures in order to help with my painting them. This process started about fifteen years ago. After reading a tip in Fine Scale Modeler magazine about making a epoxy mold and heating the end of sprue, to soften it, then pressing it into the mold. To make copies of simple objects. Kept working on that idea until I got to the point I am now. Thanks for your kind words, and a future project is a 1/24th M113  ACAV using nothing but old plastics.

  6. Thanks to the Virus, I was able to finish painting several sculpts The latest is a companion piece to this mounted figure I did ten years ago. Set in the 1916 expedition into Mexico, the mounted figure is made from an old HP printer case. It is 1/24th scale and based on a Fredrick Remington drawing of the Cav. trooper during the Plains War. This is the other figure from that time period. It represents an Inf soldier on guard duty along the Arizona/Mexico boarder. It is made from old plastics.
  7. Yes I did. Made it out of old sprue and other plastics. Here is a link on how it's done. https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/topic/20356-110th-figure-start/
  8. tsaguy007

    Marine 1779

    I just finished this 1/16th sculpt of a Marine from around 1779. I did it for my grandson who is a SGT in the corps. My self I was in for seven before joining the Army. I'm sure he thinks this is the uniform I worn then. .
  9. Sharp little build, fantastic painting.
  10. Thanks, I sculpted the figure using the plastic from runners of model kits. The figure is painted with artist oils, I use baby powder to flatten the oils, and it's applied in thin washes. Here is a link to the IPMS web site that shows how to work with the plastic. https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/topic/20356-110th-figure-start/ I noticed your location, I was was stationed in Idar-Oberstine 1990-1991, I think it was in that area.
  11. A Couple of pictures of a US soldier during the Mexican/American war.
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