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  1. you are certainly right but if female staff wears these colors there is a good chance that the male staff too. It's just a track that I'm trying to develop. have a good day Nico
  2. see this web site : http://wearinghistory.clothing/wwii-1940s-ladies-american-red-cross-uniform-civilian-suit-pattern/
  3. https://www.bonniespatternshop.com/listing/579665470/ladies-wwii-red-cross-uniform-skirted
  4. Hello, Alex, their is a difference between this beanie and my ETO jacket --> The label in this beanie is a little red so it has been dyed --> not in the ETO jacket. what do you thik about this? http://wearinghistory.clothing/wwii-1940s-ladies-american-red-cross-uniform-civilian-suit-pattern/ US RED CROSS? regards
  5. Hello, i desagree with you, it's a ww2 military ETO jacket 1st pattern made in england for US army. U.S Laudry number still inside but the label is not readable. The question is about the color, soldier or civilian but i can say the subject is not easy. https://sites.google.com/site/alexanderjameshistory/world-war-two-field-uniforms regards Nico
  6. Hello, I don't think it has been dyed. The color is only external. Laudry number is military, i don't think it was used as civilian wear. is it possible that it was used by usaaf personnel on air base? As an Armament Technician or other... Nico
  7. Hello, https://servimg.com/view/15986344/1186 https://servimg.com/view/15986344/1187 https://servimg.com/view/15986344/1188 https://servimg.com/view/15986344/1189 https://servimg.com/view/15986344/1190 https://i85.servimg.com/u/f85/15/98/63/44/20191240.jpg https://i85.servimg.com/u/f85/15/98/63/44/20191239.jpg https://i85.servimg.com/u/f85/15/98/63/44/20191241.jpg https://i85.servimg.com/u/f85/15/98/63/44/20191237.jpg https://i85.servimg.com/u/f85/15/98/63/44/20191238.jpg thanks
  8. I found this ETO Jacket. Do you know what this colour means? XS = declassed. Laudry number in the jacket Found in france, the house belonged to a former spahis (during ww2) Is it possible medical department? Use in hospital? I don't found this soldier on NARA... Thanks sorry for pictures, i don't know how to make .jpg under 10k
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