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  1. Also, ranks in WWII were not like the modern Army. Units had a certain number of ranks they could have and a lot of guys didn't want responsibility or they were uneducated. He could have been busted down during the war. The rank wasn't guaranteed like it is in today's Army (E1-E4)
  2. I have seen a lot of WWII Europe and Pacific uniforms that have a Divisional patch on the wearers left and a Corps or Army patch on the wearers right. I would assume he was 7th for the whole war with 4 battle stars. (Aleutian Islands, Marshall Islands, Leyte, Okinawa) The 7th was assigned to the 24th Corps after Okinawa for the planned invasion of Japan. The modern wear of a right sleeve patch is a former overseas unit, that was the case also in WWII but I think a lot of GI's put on their higher command patch at all. This would have been technically out of regulations but most GI's didn't care for regulations and they were not tightly enforced.
  3. Amazing grouping! The first thing I noticed was the Gold Star on the Air Medal Ribbon. It is unusual to see a Navy/USMC star on an Army ribbon rack. But since the card shows it to be awarded by the Navy then that is very rare and uncommon. Love the group!
  4. Well if there is a white diamond on the sleeve i'd expect him to have been discharged in 1944 or early 1945.
  5. I have seen some uniforms before where they were in Air Wing units on Guadalcanal attached to the 1st Marine Division. What unit was he in?
  6. I would be pretty confident that John Basilone would be wearing 1/2 inch ribbons. I have seen other photos of him and they look like half inch. I would doubt that they even made a 3/8th Navy PUC during the war because it wasn't needed because no soldier would be wearing it with all of their other ribbons.
  7. I found his final rank on the Pennsylvania veterans burial cards and the dates of overseas service on the Penn. veterans compensation applications. Both were on ancestry.
  8. I think George N Klauck is the likely owner based off how I found his final rank to have been SSGT and he left for overseas duty on March 10th, 1942.
  9. That would be my bet as well since there is no star on the American Defense Ribbon meaning he couldn't have been at Pearl Harbor.
  10. I also wonder what battle in the pacific he was in?
  11. I love that mail, I have never seen one like it. Amazing, you never know they may have known each other.
  12. It should be worn on the right side of the uniform. I restored it to the left side above his other ribbons because that is how he wore it in his wedding photo. I have also seen some other Americal vets wear it on the right side as well.
  13. I have seen that photo of James Jones before, quite an interesting one. I will most likely leave the CIB off unless his file confirms it whenever I get it, I know he would definitely say he got one because he was involved in the rescue of that patrol on the canal.
  14. The uniform came to me stripped of ribbons, I don't see holes for a CIB on it and there is no CIB in his wedding photo which I restored the ribbons after. The wedding photo was taken in June 1944 so that may explain the missing CIB. It also wasn't listed on his discharge so i'm not sure.
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