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  1. This is not my group, and I don't know the seller, but someone on Gunbroker has listed a group to Sgt. Louis Barna, who served as bodyguard to General Eisenhower. It looks like the Good Conduct Medal has gone missing at some point. https://www.gunbroker.com/Item/856971662
  2. I don't know what the whole story was but the ending price for that item was 99 cents. My son is a programmer and wrote a script for me so I can see what best offer listings sold for, and that one had an offer of 99 cents that was accepted and ended the listing. There may be more to it, but the listing ended with a 99 cent sale.
  3. They seem to be selling in the 250 range pretty regularly, but someone got the deal of the year on this nice example for only 99 cents!: https://www.ebay.com/itm/383111230152?
  4. This is how I've been reading the thread also, Chuck. Although I think the other possibility is that someone is forging the Certificates of Authenticity with EW Jr.'s name on them, but the allegation I'm getting out of the posts is that EW Jr. is involved in producing the reproductions. Then we're thrown for a loop with Cromwell pointing out a reproduction knife she sold that wasn't listed as a reproduction, and I'm left scratching my head at the whole mess.
  5. The only way I'd even consider trying to clean that rust is with one of these. They are magic: http://www.big45metalcleaner.com/
  6. You have it backward. In theory, in the United States, any action is legal unless specifically prohibited by a law or regulation. My question would be: where is the link that demonstrates that the sale of US medals (other than the MoH) is illegal? In the absence of such a reference, sales would be legal.
  7. Does the engraving on this look legitimate? I'm accustomed to seeing them engraved as USMCR (and this Marine was originally a reservist and is listed as USMCR on the MIA list). It's on a Navy Type 1 Purple Heart:
  8. Usually they will introduce a version of a bill in the House and one in the Senate at the same time. Both houses pass it, then it goes to something called reconciliation so that both versions are morphed into one bill, then each house votes on the reconciled bill, and if it passes, it goes to the President.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for opinions on this engraving. I'm not feeling confident about it. It's the only picture I have. Thanks in advance.
  10. Patterson's College and SChool Directory of 1908 lists a Hamilton Institute in New York City under Military and Boy's Preparatory Schools. Hopefully this link works: https://books.google.com/books?id=2g4VAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA368&lpg=PA368&dq=new+york+city+%22hamilton%22+institute+military+school&source=bl&ots=sMPagECRqh&sig=Wb5Frg3PzEafPbPMcap67InlHX8&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwij_Ir7m6ffAhXEMn0KHe-BCs0Q6AEwC3oECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=new%20york%20city%20%22hamilton%22%20institute%20military%20school&f=false
  11. I also read Hamilton Institute. Likely a now-defunct military school. Reading the history of the Alexander Hamilton Institute it doesn't sound like a likely candidate.
  12. The Best Offer one on Sunday sold for $1300. Since someone will ask: my son is a programmer and wrote an app for me that lets me see sold for prices on best offer sales on ebay.
  13. I always found it interesting that they used the same "motto" on the reverse of the Commendation Medal that was used on the reverse of the Purple Heart Medal.
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