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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking for photos of an Autocar U-7144T closed cab in the E.T.O. for a friend. He's restoring his autocar and want to use markings from a unit that used a closed cab and doesn't want to make something up. So hopefully you can help me and my friend with this.
  2. Hi guys, A buddy of mine has a question regarding the following: Hi guys... I can’t seem to find the answer, so if anyone here knows.. I know NBB had several jeeps in their battalion. Question is, how were they marked? USN, NAVY, NBB, something else? I’ve looked through pictures but don’t see any markings. Is there someone who can help us with this. My buddy would like to do something different with the markings for his Jeep instead of the too many 506/E airborne jeeps that will be driving in Normandy this June. Hopefully someone can help us out. With kind regards, Dirk v
  3. Hello all, I was looking for pictures of the GMC Toolset in the E.T.O. in my book collection and I found out that there aren't any. Only some pictures of the GMC Toolset Stateside. So I would like to ask if someone has pictures of the GMC Toolset in the E.T.O. and would like to share it with me. Hopefully someone can help me out
  4. Hello all above, Thank you all for your quick responses. And dpast32 thank you for checking out your files and publications, I'm really looking forward to your findings. With kind regards, Dirk van den Bol
  5. Hello all, I came across a topic during my search for a picture of Staff Sergeant James A. Wells, a member of the 16th Inf. Reg. who received a DSC for his actions on Omaha Beach, June 6 1944. I have adopted his grave on Henri-Chapelle, Belgium and trying to find more information about him and a picture. Hopefully someone can help with my search:) Thank you!
  6. Thank you all, but I would like some back ground information. Where this could have been in France and if there are more pictures of reconnaissance jeeps of the 35th Infantry Division.
  7. Hello all, I have three photo's of a reconnaissence jeep of the 35th Infantry Division during WW2 and I would like to have some more information about them for a friend. He has a 35th Infantry Division jeep and dressed it up as a reconnaissance jeep. So hopefully someone can help me with this.
  8. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I'm looking forward to visit the area in the weekend of 17 December.
  9. Mr. Jerry, That would be great. Thank you! I think this would be a Warld la France m1a1 or a m26 Pacific. But this would also be great to see.
  10. Hello, I'm searching for WW2 period pictures of the Diamond T 969a wrecker. We're restoring our Diamond T and I would like to have some pictures so that I an example on how it looked like during active duty. Hopefully someone can help me with this. Dirk
  11. Pete, I found the 1st Engineer Regimental history online. For those interested, here is the link to the site: http://cgsc.cdmhost.com/cdm/singleitem/collection/p15040coll5/id/1193/rec/7 Dirk
  12. Pete, I always make some pictures of the area that I visit, so that would not be a problem. Thank you, I'll take a look at the Hathitrust internetsite. Dirk
  13. Thank you Pete for sharing the link. The book "The Society of the First Division, Historry of the First Division During the World War' is easily to order in the Netherlands. The other books are a bit more difficult. My buddy Max Poorthuis, found also on the internet the book 'Story of the Sixteenth Infantry in France' online. In weekend of 18 December my brother and a couple of friends are going to make a three day visit to the Meuse-Argonne area.
  14. Pete, I'll definitely let you know how I liked the book. Thank you for sharing the titles of the books. Hopefully I can order them in the Netherlands. Dirk van den Bol
  15. Thank you for the site of the B&B. This can be a option for our stay.
  16. Teufelhund, thank you for sharing the information. I will take it into my schedule. I visited the museum at Romagne-sous-Montfoucon once, that has been 10 years back. The owner is a passionate guy, we did a small tour in the surrounding woods with him and he knows al lot about the area. I definitely want to visit his museum, the other museum I did not know, so can visit that as well. Groeten uit Son en Breugel.
  17. Thank you Pete, I bought your book last weekend. Now waiting till it arives. Yes I'm interested in the unit history, because I have a main interest in the 1st Infantry Division during WW2, but last week I went to the battlefield area around Romagne-sous-montfaucon and to the American cemetry for one day. There I saw that a lot of men from the 1st Infantry Division are burried there. During the christmas holiday I'm planning to go back and visit it for a couple of more days. That's the reason why I want to know a bit more about their part during WW1. Dirk
  18. Phantomfixer, I tried to find manuals and field manuals of the ordance. But coudn't find any information about it.
  19. Thank you for sharing the titles of the books. especially the books about the 16th are interessting.
  20. Thank you Mark. They're aviable in the Netherlands, so this is of great help.
  21. Hello all, Are there any good books about the part of the 1st Infantry Division during the WW1? I only found the book 'Days of perfect hell' of Peter L. Belmonte and it goes about the 26st Infantry regiment.
  22. Thank you for sharing the pictures. We have the Ward la France M1A1 wrecker in our collection and it is a beautiful truck to see.
  23. I have been searching for a while for Field Manuals about the recovery of vehicles. This because we have ww2 US army recovery vehicles and I can't find a Field Manual about the recovery in the field. Maybe someone can help me with this.
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