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  1. So the two 101sts were different.. Thank you very much for your help!.
  2. Would someone please advise if the 101st Infantry Division is the same as the 101st Infantry Regiment or if totally different? I've seen the 101st Reg as having originated in Massachusetts and part of the "Yankee Division" in WWII, and I've seen a couple of things on the 101st IDiv originating in various other places. I have a friend whose father, in 1939, was in Company M of the 101st Infantry Regiment and then in 1941 was in the 411th Infantry Regiment and then 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion. I know he was in the Normandy/Bulge area battles but I'm very confused about all of this. I was l
  3. Devildog34, First and foremost, thank you for your excellent account of this soldier's story. I stumbled across it in researching my uncle who was also KIA at Iwo. He was also PFC, Co G, 3/28, 5th Div, so I'm guessing my uncle (William Lewis Vestal) and Walter Taranski fought together. This is the best account of what might have happened to Lewis that I have been able to find. I did not know that about the Service Number starting with a "9", as his was, as well. He, however, was killed on 21 Feb, so he did not live to see the taking of Suribachi. He was also buried on Iwo in the 5th Mar
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