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  1. Thanks everyone, I know they will easily hold 2 - 300 round battle packs and 4 magazines But I sure wouldn't want to carry them all day. I only paid $7.00 each for them.
  2. I purchased 18 of these but have no idea who used them and when. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I found these in a box in our warehouse but there is absolutely no ID info on them anywhere. I could sure use some help before I decide to purchase them. Thanks
  4. To be honest, I do not go anywhere with out a 45ACP somewhere on my person and New York isn't one of those places.
  5. I just found a rucksack maked HINSON MFG. CO. 1942 and several frames for it. Some of the frames are steel and some are aluminum. Which is the correct frame for this pack? I dont want to put it in my collection with the wrong frame. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Found this in the same Barn I found the case collector bag. It can hold an object 28 inches long and is about 4.75 inches wide. Its in great shape and I also found a bunch of Garrand ammo belts and a few of the Type C-1 Emergency Sustenance vests. It was a good day.
  7. Bobs in Clearfield Pa. has been around since 1948. 229 E. Market Street, Clearfield, Pa 16830 www.bobsarmynavy.com
  8. Hi Bob, I am amazed every day as I dig through mountains of stuff. If you looking for any thing in particular, let me know and I will keep an eye out for it. I have actually found some WW1 stuff.
  9. No. I don't sell anything personally. I manage the 4 warehouses for an army/navy store and I come across quite a bit of militaria. The owners family has been in this business since 1948. Everyday is an adventure.
  10. I have 3 very large crates of this camo. The NSN for the medium parka is 8415-01-102-6280 The NSN for the Med-Reg Trousers is 8415-01-102-6292 I took a pair home and tried it with my ATN NV Site and it works quite well. I havent had a chance to sort them by size but I am sure I have most every size.
  11. Bobs has been around since 1948 and he just got into the online sales. He is adding new stuff everyday as it is found in the 4 warehouses. If your looking for any thing in particular, let him know and if he has it or runs across it during the clean up I am sure he will gladly notify you. the web site is http://www.bobsarmynavy.com Suggestions would be gladly appreciated.
  12. Thanks for your help, I will have to look and see if I can find a frame for it. I also found 2 barrels full of 30 cal and 5.56 chain links. I wonder what the odds are of finding a SAW.
  13. I found several boxes of these in an old barn but I cant ID them. I have run the number on them thru a bunch of search engines and came up empty. The only number on this is 11675917. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I have the Digital Night Camo that George Washington used at the Battle of Inchon and the three piece poles from Elvis's shelter half that he used in boot camp. I will gladly trade him all the above and $1.29 in Bit Coin for those crates.
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