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  1. I am I need of a topgun helmet and been looking for years like this example here any help would be great.
  2. Definitely would like to have a cru 79 set to go with this. I think that they are rare as hen's teeth to find..just as rare as this helmet is..I been searching the net for 2 years for something special like this helmet to show up and have seen some great helmet's but because I live in the UK we don't see much of what the US seller's have and even then most won't ship overseas..one great example I saw was a helmet and mask from the pukin dog's squadron late 70s early 80s era mettalic blue paint white decals of pukin dog's gone cream colour due to age missing interior parts but overall great con
  3. Been having some poor weather here lately so here are some pics with the mbu 14 attached. some pics taken indoors and some outside..the yellow changes a lot with different lighting, and in the sunshine it's blinding with that reflective tape no point using camera flash with it. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  4. Thanks for your kind comments..I have finally found an mbu 14 and awaiting it's arrival by post..I have seen pics of us naval aviator's use both mbu 5 and mbu 14 masks, because I have seen a vf-33 pilot with the yellow helmet and an mbu 14 I had to go for the mbu 14 it just makes sense. I will post some better pics when the mask arrives.hopefully next weekend.
  5. And yes the oxygen mask is not correct for this helmet but it's all I have at this time,,need a mbu 14 in green please anyone..?
  6. Recently I aquired this lovely helmet, thought I would share this with you. I have checked inside under visor cover and headliner all I found was FS initial on the foam side of the liner, I would really like to know who's the aviator that wore it.????
  7. Try flight helmets.com they have helmet parts enjoy
  8. i seen this pic too and from other angles. this one dose have velcro on it. yeah you can see the visor cover decals are hand cut. by the way the seller cancelled my order i must have asked too many questions?
  9. This last picture I uploaded is not the helmet for sale, this is a picture of the f14 pilots helmet, i only posted it here as reference that a Tomcat aircraft can be found on an original helmet....now the other helmet I started the thread with is for sale from Italy, a private seller and not a pilot. I just needed some input of people's opinions on it, as I suspected it being a retape job. I understand there are many retaped helmets out there, but for some reason this one caught my attention, I am particularly looking for a hgu 33 style helmet in original form, it's frustrating how many repr
  10. Here is a picture with the f14 on the back of the helmet. This is 100% authentic, because I have been in contact with the pilot who flew f14s, and he still owns the helmet to this day, he also has a vf124 helmet, I did ask if wanted to sell them but he said no,they are to stay with his family. Did this eBay helmet start life as a hgu 2a? There are holes for the stings to hold earcups, now taped over, Did the us navy use the Hgu 2? And later still use it without the strings?
  11. This picture I just found looks to me a proper used authentic helmet. Notice the richness in colour of the yellow reflective tape compared to the suspect copied version, and the wear and tear marks. I am beginning to be convinced I have reserved a reproduction, I have wanted a vf111 helmet for years and again I find one and it's probably a retape job. I almost payed for this helmet, but was doubtful in its authenticity, cheers guy's, second opinion is always handy in this game. By the way anyone have a vf111 helmet for sale? ...anyone?
  12. I agree the oxygen receivers look unused, may have been repainted? They do look bright white, most pictures I see the receivers are faded white with a yellow/brown aged look. Also yellow reflective tape is pale in colour I think, which is the main reason I requested more photos of this helmet in natural light. From the pictures I can see every bit of tape is hand cut. I know eBay had many vf111 helmet decal sets for sale, I am confident no eBay sticker has been applied to this helmet. What if the pilot actually took great care of this helmet from damage? Or may be he was assigned to a differ
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