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  1. Yes indeed, precisely why it wanted to mention it. Also, you're quite luck. Really love the helmet you got there! Those properly used/ historical lids will always be my favorite.
  2. Even if the net was added immediately after the helmet was issued, to me it wouldn't be strange at all for the paint to wear off when used heavily.
  3. Secondly, my favorite, picked it up this summer in Normandy. It's a fixed bail ESB helmet with the white arc (painted twice), gas detection paint camo and NCO bar. Inside the shell there are still some small remnants of a name or number, but that's sadly too far gone to make out what once was painted there.
  4. Thought I would share my best m1's First, a 508th m2 with repaired loops and Normandy style insignia
  5. The only one with a paper decal that I've seen him offering was a salty 2nd ID fixed bail helmet with paper decal, which I bought from him. However I was under the impression that that one was not messed with. (At least I hope so.....)
  6. Yes, you indeed have a good point about the liner. But even if the set is a 'mariage', doesn't necessarily mean the shell itself is not genuine. All I'm trying to say is that the helmet, in my humble opinion, should be 'looked at' with an open mind.
  7. I'm sorry but I have to disagree, I believe they are two different helmets. The helmet Kashetta is offering has been posted on this forum quite some time ago and was also listed on his previous website. Selles military offered the helmet you’re talking about just a few weeks ago. Also, I am also familiar with Selles, have even been in their store in Normandy, and while I was there they showed me some extraordinary helmets which they never listed on their website. So it could be that this helmet is on of them and the reason why you haven't seen it before. Besides, not every helmet Kashetta
  8. I would't touch this lid if I were you. In my opinion the insignias don't match the few originals that are around. They look too big to me in comparison. Secondly, I believe this is the helmet I've had in hand about a year ago on the Ciney militaria fair and I didn't like it then. A few months later I spotted it again on another fair in the Netherlands. You would think that, since the extreme rarity of 508th helmets, an original helmet like this would be picked up in 3 seconds by one of the advanced collectors that attend fairs like that. To me, that also says something about the questio
  9. Thanks for the reply's all. Just what I thought. Especially those great detail photo's confirm our suspicions. Now I am wondering if it's gonna reach the estimation price. Who knows...
  10. Hello, I rarely post anything on the forum, but when I saw this I thought it was a good idea to say something about it. Maybe I am mistaken/ missing something, but based on the picture, I believe it doesn't all add up...... https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/24254/lot/1214/?category=list&length=100&page=3
  11. No I fully agree with you statement, people would go quite far to make some extra money on things like this. This might be a stupid question, but I have to ask: you were talking about this being a near relic. With 'near relic', do you mean that the first set of insignias can be authentic, but almost worn off, and that someone just added the fake ones trying to make a few extra bucks? Or do you mean that it was a helmet which didn't had a lot of paint left and that someone added the first markings, and later the second? Thank you! P.S. Sorry if my english is a bit bad.
  12. Allright guys, thank you very much for all the input. Now I know I have quite some more things to learn about faking methods, and recognizing original chinstraps?. Anyway, thanks again!
  13. Yea, I know about the leather chinstrap(was the only one I had lying around at the moment). But if I may ask, why do the markings look aged?
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