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  1. John - I have one that is nearly identical to yours that I got at a militaria show in Gettysburg PA last summer. There are some minor differences, mainly in the area of wear, and mine is Navy. Will try to get you some pictures but it may take a few days. My computer skills are right alongside of Skip's. Steve
  2. lfwises


    Thanks Costa. Steve
  3. lfwises


    I'd like to know that too. Steve
  4. Most cool! Good luck with the instrument search. Steve
  5. My favorite collectible is a Model 1808 Pomeroy contract militia musket that I picked up last Friday. Lemuel Pomeroy had a shop in Pittsfield, MA and made guns for many different state militias. According to the seller this one was issued to a militia that fought in the War of 1812. Steve
  6. I have a 1942 .303 Enfield marked U. S. Propoerty that I think is a Savage but the hand gaurds cover the top of the barrel where the markings are. I bought the rifle at a yard sale about 10 years ago with some of the cosmaline still on it and put it back together when it was clean; haven't seen the the markings since so I'm not completely sure it's a Savage. Steve
  7. I'm no expert but tne first picture looks like the Winchester Model 1890 I inherited from my great grandfather, Mine is a .22WRF but I'm told they were also made in .22 LR. Steve f
  8. Hi Guys - I got this Viet Nam era U.S.Navy practice bomb at a yard sale about 10 years ago and it's been hanging in my workshop ever since. Think I paid $15 for it. It's designed to hold water or sand and as you can see from the picture it's had a lot of use
  9. Don't know how the Lexol works on bayonet handles but it's great on leather jackets. Steve
  10. Looks great! The guy I bought mine from had put polyurathane on the stock and I'm going to remove it. What did you do to yours to get the stock looking so good? Thanks. Steve
  11. I have one that appears to be identical on a post war Mossberg 42M(. Steve
  12. Thanks Bob, that's what i thought it probably was. Steve
  13. Sorry I couldn't get the rest of the pics on. It's been awhile since I did this.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving guys. I bought this knife at a yard sale several years ago. A guy who supposidly is knowledgeable on the topic of vintage knives told me it might be a civil Swar era bowie knife. I'm not sure he knows as much as he claimed. Would any of you be able to give me any info on it? I only paid a dollar for it so I'm not out anything if it turns out not to be what he said. Thanks. Steve
  15. Hi Bill - I love that store and try to stop any time I drive through there. If I ever win the lottery I'll probably buy a truckload from him. Steve
  16. You're right, the contract number is 8114. What does the 1/5 mean?
  17. Thanks Dustin. it's worth more than I paid so I guess I'll hang on to it. Steve
  18. Having trouble attaching pics. Will try again.
  19. Coming home from Dulles Airport Friday afternoon I stopped at an antique guns/general militaria shop in Upperville, VA and bought a USN Mark I PAL RH 35 knife at what I thought was a good price. Now I need some advice from the experts: Are both knife and scabbard genuine and are they appropriate for each other? What time period are they from? What do the markings on the back of the scabbard mean? I don't plan to sell it but out of curiosity what would it be a fair valuation on it? Thanks for any info you can give me. Steve
  20. Definitely not up to the standard you guys set but at least SkipH won't have to worry about my trying to sell it as original condition. Thanks for all the great information over the past couple of years. Steve
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