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  1. The updated J hooks began to be added to some helmets by the winter of 1944-1945. Great helmet by the way. Check each of the 16 matches and see if any got hospitalized.
  2. They are definitely based off of the RBR F6 helmets. I’d look very hard around the inside to see if there is any manufacturing marks still left, they can be present stamped on the piece that the liner threads through near the back of the helmet. RBR was bought by the company “Lightweight Body Armor” so it could also be their version of the F6. Regardless, US Special Forces did use RBR helmets at some point, I believe in the early 2000’s
  3. Adding to dmar836’s comment, this helmet appears to be a post Korea produced helmet, maybe at the very least a 1950’s made McCord, but either way, this couldn’t have been worn by a soldier who was killed in 1950. Also, why is there only a follow me stripe and no officer rank on the front? It’s just odd
  4. Is it just me, or does the position of the damage and the trajectory of the bullet seem too high to have been fatal?
  5. I’m no expert on airborne helmets, but I like the paint wear on the shell. Lots of nicks and scratches that don’t look artificial or made by the same tool. The rust does not look artificial either. Just my 2 cents
  6. That helmet looks fine. As huntssurplus just showed, I used to own one of them back in my early collecting stages. What you see in the auction is residue of the tape used to make the marking.
  7. If you don’t want to mess with it at all, just don’t buckle it around the back of the helmet. That gives it the most tension
  8. Judging by the fake helmet under it and the plethora of problems with the 101st helmet. I'd say no one is rushing to buy this one.
  9. The current seller is not the original buyer. Im glad to hear that who I sold it to is not the unethical one.
  10. Just wanted to give a heads up on this one. I used to own this one before and sold it a few months ago. While the 5th ID helmet shell is original, there was no liner with it when I purchased it. Not sure if the current seller added it, or someone between me or him. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW-2-PAINTED-US-ARMY-M1-HELMET-WITH-5TH-INF-DIV-INSIGNIA-FRONT-SEAM-NAMED/312989098387?hash=item48df9aa193:g:sSMAAOSweaBeQdy7
  11. Wanted to bring this back up with one of mine that was worn in country. Anyone have more to share?
  12. They do look similar, but the triangles in the period photo are spaced out farther than the ones on the helmet.
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