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    20th Century (and very early 21st) US Military Gear, Uniforms, and History
  1. Really nice find! Its a shame that someone would throw away something like that. Those unit insignia covers will be worth something someday. Happy to say I own one. Using for an OIF I 3rd ID impression I'm working on.
  2. The last three or so guys in the back of the boat have OD and tan helmet bands, but the 3rd guy from the left has the color in question. You can see the difference between the colors and how it's too light to be OD and too dark to be tan. The soldier on point. You can see the color of his helmet band clearly. That's what I have for now. If I find any more, I'll post them. Any help is appreciated. Not much info on helmet bands out there so hopefully someone can help. Like I said. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Maybe they aren't. Thanks.
  3. Since we started touching a bit on helmet bands in the late 90s early 2000s, I've got a question. So, I am currently putting together an OIF I 3rd Infantry Division impression. While looking through photos, I've noticed OD helmet bands and tan helmet bands. All normal. However, in some photos it seems there is another color. This color is a lighter and paler looking green. It almost resembles the helmet bands issued with helmets with UCP covers, despite UCP not being introduced until about 3 years later. Don't know if my eyes are fooling me, or if there actually was another color around. Agai
  4. Boy do I wish I could find something like this for the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment. Great find! Lots of valuable info in there!
  5. Hello all! Were you in the 82nd AB (more specifically the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment) around the time of Desert Storm? Or do you know much about them in that era? I could use some help. I'm in the process of putting together a Desert Storm 2/325th AIR impression and was wondering if anybody on here could lend a helping hand as to the 325th's ALICE pack SOP. So, in a nutshell, what exactly did they carry in their rucks, and where was it kept in the ruck? Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been scouring the internet for months trying to find information. Even if you have any oth
  6. Thanks for the response! I'm not real big on Rothco and repro ALICE gear. I like original stuff, so this I did not know. The pouch that broke is original. It has a 1988 date.
  7. On a Gulf War US kick

  8. I have a question in regards to the material and weave difference on suspender attachment tabs on LC-1 M-16 mag pouches. I have two of these pouches on my Desert Storm impression. Recently, the suspender attachment tabs on the one broke (there is literally a tear straight through the tab and the eyelet remains on the suspender hook). Upon inspecting said suspender attachment tab, I noticed a difference between the one that broke and the one on the other pouch on my belt. The one that broke is made of a single layer of loose weave nylon (same weave pattern as on the LC-1 and 2 pistol belts,
  9. Hello! Im currently on the lookout for any belongings named to Pvt. Harry. E Stevenson. By belongings, I mean any field gear, uniforms, personal items, etc. Harry Stevenson is my great grandfather. I'm very interested in his military service. He served in Detachment 6 of the 166th Signal Photographic Company (It says it down in my "signature"). I got in touch with a guy who specializes in the 166th SPC and he hooked me up with lots of service information and a few photos of him. Now I'm taking it to the next step and I'm looking for his belongings if they're out there. It would be awesome and
  10. New video up on YouTube. Today, it's a WWII M-1928 Haversack packing tutorial! Check it out on my account, WWIIman1942! (8/27/18)

  11. These aren't as rare as some pieces that I'm sure a lot of us could list, but they're somewhat rare pieces. Pictured, are what look to be M-1938 Leggings. That is correct, they aren't any normal leggings. These are factory cut-down leggings. These were the Quartermaster's response to American soldier cutting down their issued leggings to be shorter, more comfortable versions of their original selves. You don't see them very often. I got them in a $20 lot I bought a few years back. BUT, it doesn't stop there. In fact, a mystery, if you will, surfaces. The stock number in my cut-down leggings ap
  12. Good to be back on USMF!

  13. Wondering what military gear I might get for my birthday in 11 days.

  14. I don't know if you know or not but that Vietnam War compass\field dressing pouch is part of the M-1956 gear series. None of the M-56 gear had a drainage hole. That started with the M-1967 series. I too collect WWII US Gear, but not near as large-scale as you. My brother collects Vietnam War US Gear. When he first started collecting and would ask me about something Vietnam, I would be all confused because I knew nothing about Vietnam War stuff. I don't blame you if you didn't know.
  15. Was it hard to get your units vehicles over to Europe (If they are owned by your unit).
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