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  1. Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to find a pair of WW2 Gloves Cotton Protective as mentioned in TM 3-290 to put together a permeable outfit. Although I’ve had no luck finding any nor a better picture than what I found in the manual. Does anyone have any better pictures for reference or were they ever actually made and issued?
  2. Great picture! Ive been recently doing some slight reading/research on the USAEUR and Im particularly interested on 11th ACR and 3AD during the 1958-1980 period, so its great to see another picture.
  3. Thanks for the pictures guys! Too bad there isnât many out there, but I also happened to find a picture as well. Itâs of a medic checking for radiation during the later 1950s.
  4. Im not sure if this is the right place to post this and sorry if this is a dumb question. Considering the M9A1 gas mask was the primary gas mask for the US military during the 1950s, I have yet to really see any pictures of them in use during the 50s. Ive only ever seen pictures of them in use by the ARVN and US national guardsman during the mid to late 60s and other military personal up to the 80s along with plenty of pictures of the M17 in use. Were the M9A1 gas masks really widely issued/used or not considering theres also such a large surplus of NOS M9A1s still around today?
  5. Thanks from the tips and suggestions guys. I attempted it doing it by the manual but the roll was too thick to fold over the pack evenly. I then tried like how Baron3-6 suggested and it came out better but too long so I re folded it shorter and it came out better. What do y’all think?
  6. I recently got both a M1945 Field Pack and a shelter half and was wondering if there’s a specific way to fold the shelter half for attachment to the field pack? For the life of me, I can’t seem to do it right. I’m referring to folding them up like this:
  7. I recently got this pair of HBT trousers and don’t have a button fly, but a zipper instead. Overall they look like a real pair but I’m not sure.
  8. Thanks Patches! Thanks for the info aznation! Thats good to know, honestly it didn't even occur to me to look up what the sticker was about. I'm assuming it was probably surplussed in March 1975 right? Hm pretty interesting these managed to still be used this long. Good picture by the way, I've been trying to find more pictures of these types of helmet in use, but it mostly seems to be pictures of the M1938 Style Helmet and the regular T-56 Helmets.
  9. Hey everybody! I thought I’d share this really neat MacGregor Football Helmet that was converted into a Tanker Helmet I got a while back on eBay. It’s still in pretty great shape and the inner leather liner is still soft and has an interesting bowling alley smell. The headset and mic seem to also still be in good shape. It also has a sticker stating that in can’t be used as a motorcycle helmet and another one on the inside stating how to refinish it. I tried it on for fun to see if it fits and it does, but the rubber earpieces are extremely uncomfortable.
  10. Thanks for all the input guys. They most likely are armor guys. Other pictures Ive seen from this collection have all the armor guys wearing chest holsters. Plus I think I also remember reading that all tanks were equipped with a grease gun since WW2. I do find it pretty interesting that a handful of these mightve still been in service and not used up in WW2 considering they werent manufactured that long.
  11. I’m not sure where to post this, but figured I’d post it here. While going through some Cold War photos of the US I found this picture and saw that one of the soldiers had a M3 Grease Gun with the cocking handle. I was just curious as to whether these were still as commonly seen as the M3A1 by 1969?
  12. Im unable to find any information on this and figured maybe someone on here knows. What kind of headset wouldve been used by tank crews in the M46 Patton during the Korean War? Would theyve used Sherman headsets or another different type? Thank you
  13. Hi, I was curious as to what the average US Army infantryman would carry in an M1945 Combat Pack during the Korean War? I havent been able to find much information on that and any help would be nice.
  14. I’m trying to put together a small impression based on a tank crewman in West Germany around the 1960 to 1970s. Do any of you guys know what gear they would’ve been issued or carrying?
  15. Hey, found a mint m51parka hood thats missing the fur ruff. I want to replace it and want to know if anyone has a hood and know how wide the trim is. Also I did not know where to post it, so if it has to be moved by all means do so.
  16. I figured there was a reason why there aren’t many embroidered name tapes. Plus there’s a guy on eBay making stenciled name tapes with original tape and a original stamp.
  17. Thank you doyler and thank you for the link patches!
  18. Hey yall, I wasnt sure where I could post this so if it needs to be moved than please do so. The white cotton name tapes used from the 50s to late 60s, would it be correct if they were embroidered as well as stamped? Or were they just stamped on?
  19. At least everything worked out fine, Im not in much of a rush, but thank you again. Ill be sure to message them.
  20. These are some great photos for some great uniforms, thanks for sharing!
  21. Hm I didnt know they made any. They seem to be sold out at the moment though, they also seem to be almost identical to the ones by WPG aswell.
  22. No, I just have the M17 and dont plan on using it for actual protection. Im just curious in case I want to wear it for every once and a while and I think it still has the original filters. I just want to make sure Im not breathing in anything dangerous.
  23. Alright, I guess one could assume that the later series probably wont have any. Thank you
  24. Hey yall, I recently got a M17 gas mask and I wanted to know, do the cheek filters contain any asbestos?
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