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  1. Cole’s no. 3 Case type no. 11 , page 99 .
  2. That is amazing, what you have is beyond description . Well done sir .
  3. Excellent work , if you are selling please let me know a price . Like the way you dated the grip .
  4. Very nice Skip you have a very good taste . Enjoy .
  5. I am a collector of US military knives BUT not an expert like Skip. The knive noted above would have fooled me that is why I never buy from E bay . A man has gots to know his limitations.
  6. Now that's a knife . Good grab .
  7. Sir I have this knife if you PM me your email address I will send you a picture of the sheath .
  8. Very nice, you sir have talent , and a lucky grandson .
  9. That sir is an outstanding piece of history congratulations on a great trade .
  10. You have a very nice knife I would buy the sheath and be content with a great piece of history . In the haste to supply our troops with weaponry the cannons could have been left off .
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