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  1. Thank you very much for the link. Emerson's site was a big help and he was kind enough to reply to my email, though he had had not seen the Pershing award before. I was also able to find another Library of Congress photo with the 1938 recipients in Washington and the medals visible. This is the only photo I've found with the awards themselves.
  2. Hello. My paternal grandfather attended a CMTC (Citizens' Military Training Camp) in the early 1930's, meant to provide military training to civilians without obligation as well as a program to commission officers into the reserves. Information on the CMTC program is hard to come by; the wiki article claims no records of participation were kept and the camps were around for less than two decades. His discharge from the Reserve Corps in 1937 is the only paperwork I have. Information on the John J. Pershing Award is just as difficult to find. The medal isn't shown but the caption of a Libra
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