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  1. Thank you Blacksmith! I didnt end up getting it but its another nice learning experience.
  2. Hi everyone, I would love to hear your opinion about this jacket. Does everything look ok & is there anyway to tell if the patch is wartime sewn? I'm not a uniform collector but I would love to add one of these to my collection. Thank you in advance, John
  3. It certainly looks the same to me. Thanks for the comparison! I've always been cautious of this seller due to his strict return policy and his attitude towards forums. For this reason I decided not to pull the trigger and watch from the sidelines and take this as a learning experience. https://www.thedogfacesoldier.com/terms-conditions -John
  4. Yeah that confused me as well. Thanks for the comment. Also, I didn't buy this patch but it looks like someone else did.
  5. Hi guys, what do you think of this Bloodied Aussie 1st Marine Patch? Personally I like the quality of the red outline but I have never handled / had one of these. Is there any true way of knowing if this was period done? Thanks in advance, John
  6. Hi guys, I just picked up this Italian Woven Airborne Tab. I couldn't find any information about it and I was wondering what patch this went with? Its smaller than the 101st tabs so I'm thinking it might of went with the Airborne Command patch? Any ideas? Thanks, John
  7. I believe I have only seen a black backed 1st Marine.
  8. I'm no expert but I like them. Here's my Aussie Raider.
  9. Thank you for the informative reply!
  10. I ended up getting it, still leaning towards Chinese origin. Any ideas?
  11. Hi guys, can you help me determine the origin of this 1st Marine patch? I'm leaning towards Chinese made but the back almost reminds me of the Australian made examples. Thanks in advance! -John
  12. I was watching this great lot too, sorry I cant help with the Brit made patch. But I was wondering if that 1st Marine patch was American made or Chinese? Sorry to derail the topic.
  13. Wow what a amazing grouping! That scroll is certainly a jaw-dropper.
  14. Nice to meet you & hello from Omaha!
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