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  1. I was watching this one too, I love the Nuremberg patch!
  2. I found these stampings on the harness. They are hard to read but I believe the harness was manufactured in November 1944 by the (Standard?) Parachute Corporation.
  3. Thank you Phil! I was thinking about selling it since I'm not big into AAF items but the connection to the 393rd makes it really interesting. Now I'm worried this will spark a new collecting interest that I'll have to afford
  4. Fixed it! It makes a ton more sense this way, Ive been up for a while so Im losing it
  5. Oops, show you how much I know! I assumed thats how it went because of how the snaps attached.
  6. Hello everyone, I just got a neat piece today that I don't know much about. I'm more of a patch guy so this is completely out of my realm. I cleaned the harness and pack up, I think it was stored away in a barn for a while since it looks like a mouse made a decent size hole on the harnesses reverse and it had a thick layer of dust covering the whole surface. The bag which I did not photograph has two different names and serial numbers. I havent got around to cleaning it yet so Im excited to research it. Also, the neat thing is when I looked at the inspection log it had multiple entries from the 393rd Bombardment Squadron. I believe they were the squadron that dropped the atom bombs on Japan. I hope you guys enjoy this and I cant wait for your comments! -John
  7. Thanks everyone! I didn't realize so many people hunted woven patches. Another cool woven patch I'd like to get someday is a Ranger Scroll (of any Battalion).
  8. Thank you, the OS cap is my favorite. It is named to Robert Coffey, the commander of the 109th Engineer Battalion. That was actually one of my first pieces of American militaria. I also collect German patches and that cap ignited my interest in American patches.
  9. Yeah, it was a little over $300 after fees. I figured it was worth it if I was going to try to assemble a woven collection. I assume a woven armored triangle patch isn't cheap, Ive never seen one come up.
  10. Thank you! Yeah that one has evaded me, so has the woven armored triangle. I am happy to have a woven 36th, that one is my favorite!
  11. Hi everyone, I've been in the process of moving so my goodies have been packed up for awhile. Today I decided to unpack some cases and enjoy them. I snapped some pictures and I thought this forum would enjoy seeing them. Over the past few years my main focus has been collecting theater made patches, specifically Italian "woven" examples. Those patches and my airborne patches are what I'm most proud of. Hope you guys enjoy! -John Airborne Patches w/ 501st Plastic DI, British Made 506th DI, Italian Made Jump Wing, 502nd Pocket Patch & 82nd patch are both British Made 319th GFAB DI, 319th GFAB - 401st GIR - 505th PIR Officers Collar Insignias, British Made & American Made Glider Wings 504th PIR Officers Collar Insignia, British Made Pathfinder, Two Piece CIB Greenback 101st & White Tongue 101st, British Made & American Made Artillery Soaring Gliders, (Grouping From Clifford Garrett of the 321st GFAB) Theater Made Patch Case (Most Are Theater Made), 442nd RCT DI & 142nd Infantry (Fought At The Battle of Castle Itter) 34th Infantry Division Display Case, 34th Overseas Cap Named To Lt. Col. Robert Coffey (Commander of the 109th Engineer Battalion) ' Marine Corps Patches, Australian Made Raider with two Variants of the Aussie Made 1st's.
  12. I believe so, it doesn't have any markings on the reverse. When I was researching it I could only find the Italian maker marked DI's. The boat (which I don't know its significance to the 442nd) looks different to the Italian made examples.
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