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  1. I'm no expert but I like them. Here's my Aussie Raider.
  2. Thank you for the informative reply!
  3. I ended up getting it, still leaning towards Chinese origin. Any ideas?
  4. Hi guys, can you help me determine the origin of this 1st Marine patch? I'm leaning towards Chinese made but the back almost reminds me of the Australian made examples. Thanks in advance! -John
  5. I was watching this great lot too, sorry I cant help with the Brit made patch. But I was wondering if that 1st Marine patch was American made or Chinese? Sorry to derail the topic.
  6. Wow what a amazing grouping! That scroll is certainly a jaw-dropper.
  7. Nice to meet you & hello from Omaha!
  8. Hi everyone, does this look like a British Made 1st Infantry Div Patch? It sure looks similar to my brit made 29th but I cant find a similar example. Thanks in advance! John
  9. Fantastic!!! Particularly I love the 142nd Infantry display, if you don't know about the battle of Castle Itter which they were apart of you should definitely read about it!
  10. Thanks for the info Phil & pararaftanr2! I know Reinhard Heydrich learned the hard way about car seats filled with horse hair. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  11. I really enjoy my British made 502nd patch. Its certainly hard to just choose one though!
  12. I was watching this one too, I love the Nuremberg patch!
  13. I found these stampings on the harness. They are hard to read but I believe the harness was manufactured in November 1944 by the (Standard?) Parachute Corporation.
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