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  1. And it dosent help that the marking is only partially visable. Thanks for the info.
  2. I picked up this helmet a few years ago, any one have any Ideas what the red markings are for? Its a rear seam swivel bail with the remains of sewn on chinstraps. Heat stamp 1278C which if im not mistaken is late WWII manufactured. Thanks
  3. This website has a list of POM codes and their coresponding units https://www.med-dept.com/pom/index.php?currentpage=1&pagecount=25&sortorder=%60code%60%20ASC
  4. The blue and yellow stripes look like a POM code, this website has the diffrent combinations with their coresponding units they represent. Usually theres a five digit number that goes with it. Yours may be 1st ID, (page 7 of the website) https://www.med-dept.com/pom/index.php?currentpage=1&pagecount=25&sortorder=%60code%60%20ASC
  5. A friend asked me to elp him get some Info on a Civil War medal he found. From what I could find out the words that are rubbed off on the face are, FRATERNITY CHARITY LOYALTY. That lead me to "Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War". Aside from that I didnt find much, any other Info would be much aprechiated. Thanks
  6. Photo I picked recently from an antique store. I believe its an early war jeep grill.
  7. Habe you tried the 70ths website? There is pleny of information and photos to sift through. http://www.trailblazersww2.org/home.htm This photo is off their sight, similar helmet liner markings.
  8. You might be able to find Info on the guy, maybe even a Photo with this website http://www.trailblazersww2.org/photos.htm Heres a photo of guys with similar helmet liners from the website.
  9. Heres what there website says about it, intresting history, "The restoration of the CG-4A glider - and the idea for a glider museum - began when a deteriorated fuselage frame was donated to the Menominee Range Historical Foundation. The glider frame was originally purchased by Olaf and Beatrice Blomquist, of Iron Mountain, for $75 sometime following World War II from the Ford Motor Company Plant in Kingsford. The Blomquists, in turn, sold it to their nephew, Vernon (Janie) Anderson, of Metropolitan, located in northeastern Dickinson County, where it was used as a play house and hunt
  10. I visited the Museum a few years ago and was happily impressed by the glider. If I remeber correctly the story behind the glider, or possibly the second partial frame they have, was that it was used as a hunting shack after the war somwhere in the UP.
  11. Heres a photo of the 118th Georgia NG field artillery, notice the unit flag has the same red and yellow color scheme as my sign. Possible its just a coincidence but maybe not.
  12. illinois, I picked it up from an antique store in the chicago suburbs. Unfortunately no story or Info came with it and the dealer mainly foucused and decrative and fasion pieces.
  13. Thanks. Ive searched around a bit for any information and praticularly photos pertaining to the 31st Division and their Artillery component but havent found much of anything.
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