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  1. Sometimes make the difference between green and beach side is easily to do from certain pictures. Sometimes it’s very hard.
  2. Thank you ! I generally know that green cover was used for majority of battles but I had doubt for Peleliu. i asked cause’ we want to be more accurate as possible.
  3. Thanks! So green cover was majority for Peleliu ?
  4. Hi everyone ! I and friends ar looking to know which side of the helmet cover was worn for the battle of Peleliu? We cannot decide to choose which one was used. It's in view of a reenactement program and we want to be more accurate and of course learn more about this fascinating battle. Thanks for anwser guys and stay safe ! Al
  5. Thanks for your help and information! Al'
  6. Hey everybody, Recently I pick up a beautiful M1917a1 helmet, I've found he was a McCord production and now try to know when did he make. The lot number is 5A. Can anyone help me please? Thanks Al'
  7. Salut French Sam!^^ très très belle collection!! Bravo pour cette mise en scène qui met bien en valeur ta collec. Al'
  8. Thank for your quick answer. I'm happy if you think is original, in France the price for USMC cover is approximately 70euros(80$...) and the sellers sells a other canteen cover with fake UNIS markings... Al
  9. Hi everybody, I've recently bought this cover and I'm not sure if it is original because I don't know this marking on the front. Who can help me please? Thanks, Al
  10. Nice thanks! I can't bought a WWII Imp because it's so expensive for me in France.
  11. Ok thanks' for your help ? I've an ATF one and it's true, the cut is long and she sizing very large.
  12. Hi! To order an USMC m1941 hbt utility uniform I want to know if the quality is better than wwii impression or ATF. Thanks for your answer Al'
  13. Thanks for your message Big Al, but I've contact his last week.
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