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    83rd infantry division
  1. Mooi onderzoek naar mijn verzamel divisie!

    gr, Aad

  2. Thanks . I always thought it was a postwar replacement zipper, but the stitching looked original to the jacket. Now I know it is the original zipper to the jacket.
  3. I have one with a Kwik zipper. Is that a WW2 brand? I never seen another Kwik zipper on everything else WW2.
  4. Its a Dutch liner made in the 60's/70's
  5. seabee

    Overseas Hat

    Maybe removed pipping?
  6. Hi Fred Where and when will this English version M1 book available in Belgium or The Netherlands? Aad
  7. Haha, ja ik zit hier al een tijdje. Hier zijn toch wat mooiere dingen te zien dan over het algemeen op die Nederlandse fora ;-)

  8. Any info on this H&C book on the net?
  9. This book is a must have book for the helmet collector!! Very nice detailed photo's. You won't be disappointed.
  10. WW1 WW2 US army. Now i'm specializing on the WW2 83rd division(items wanted).
  11. The 8AD ike with 83rd ID is correct. Lots of 83rd men went home with the 8AD. About the 78th I have no idea. Here one of my ike jackets 8AD/83rd
  12. seabee

    eBay Jokes

    Here is a very nice airborne helmet http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...bayphotohosting
  13. Nice 82nd jackets Here my latest WW1 uniform. 77th engineers jacket
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