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  1. Update. How are the patches holding up?
  2. Nice display, and nice gear. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Great display. A nice selection of items. Thanks for sharing. Did you get an A?
  4. A good start. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Nice collection. Nice display. Did you make the shelves?
  6. Nice find. I will be checking out those stores and others.
  7. Bugme, Very nice display and well done. It's an added touch having Veterans there and with their uniforms. Lifer
  8. Hi Justin, Great video. Thanks for sharing. Lifer
  9. LIFER

    USN Display

    Mark, Great display. Thanks for sharing. (Have you done any since)? Lifer
  10. It's nice to have support from your wife/girl friend. I would not feel that bad, either.
  11. Just came across your post. Wondering why I don't see others/comments. Nice collection and well displayed. Especially with the use of the cots. Thanks for sharing.
  12. That's a nice display of early uninforms, and well displayed. It looks like you have more hats and helmets, too.
  13. My war room is in my basement. As for more of a study, with a field desk, TM's, etc., a few cold ones, and leather chairs, being replaced by canvas ones, then I am included.
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