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  1. Hi Dave, Glad to hear from you. I agree, it's better to see it an the big screen. After 7 months of good times, it will be easy to spot those scenes that are not accurate. Also, not just Ed Harris, but Tom Cruise, as well. Lifer
  2. 26 June is the release date. Are you going to go. or wait until it appears on the TV.
  3. That's a great display you put together, with some personal history too. The light is nice, but I like the photo. It's good to see a USN display. Lifer
  4. That's great! Anything else besides the uniforms and the foot locker?
  5. Good display. It's always nicer when it's a family member.
  6. Gil, Another good one. You, along with others will be happy to know it did not take me long.
  7. Those photo's are so funny. Some made me laugh so hard. Their new uniform was released yesterday. Earth tone Camo. along with the Space Command S.S.I. Now there's another uniform and patch to get.
  8. Another remake? With Clooney? I don't know.....I still say, you can't beat the original.
  9. I am glad to hear that the Wounded Warriors are still going strong. I was a little concerned, upon hearing (from national media) that most of your dollar went towards administrative costs than to the Vets. They have been on my list, and will remain on it. Along with other worth while ones. Lifer
  10. Hi Tom, I also want to say that you have a nice web site. I will check back, and sure to find something of interest. Lifer
  11. Okay, I am hearing about a new branch, under the Air Force, called the Space Force. I have seen a proposed logo for it. What do you think?
  12. Another nice patch display. It nice to find another one that collects ARVN patches.
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