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  1. I found this scope today. Itvis a Unertl 24 x 63 mark 245 with 90 degree bend. Is this a military version with green crinkle paint? Thanks.
  2. I think this was a send off item for a AAC member. Perhaps this is early war.
  3. I found this pair yesterday. These are early WW2 but look as though they walked across europe.
  4. Here is a nice helmet that I found in Utah today. This is a 5th regiment hq helmet that was British made. I have not cleaned it yet.
  5. I found this today in Utah. It is worse for wear and I have not cleaned it to look for identity yet. I got lucky today. When I return to Oregon, I have an emblem waiting to complete it. I like the blue feather head dress. There is still a bit of black square background.
  6. I found a decent FS stiletto a couple days ago . I understand it is a type 3. It is such a well balanced knife. The elastic band on the scabbard is torn but overall, a nice piece.
  7. Here is a large pair of unissued trousers with zinc Army buttons made under a 1920 contract with Philad. QM Depot specs.
  8. Here is my latest pick up. A type 3 FS. The elastic banding is torn.
  9. Here is a nice autograph from a hero of Guadalcanal Mitchell Paige. The artist is Karl Poretta.
  10. This is a nice setting his autograph using an original 1943 Esquire print.
  11. Thanks Marine. I understand MCL= Marine Corps League. We were lucky to have crossed paths with these fellows but also to have some notion of their role in history. thanks again Paul
  12. In 2000 at the University of Utah, 4 Marine Raiders from WW2 gave a discussion at the union building about their experience in WW2 in the Raider battalions in the Solomons campaign and Makin to their eventual Raider Bn dissolution and reassignment into the divisions to participate in the Marianas and Iwo Jima. It was a fascinating talk . They signed my WW2 era cover. Their names were: -Loveland -Guymon -Kennedy -Belnap
  13. Figured it out. 101st Ammunition Train assigned to the 26th Division.
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