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  1. I have two of these sets. One I will turn into a living room floor lamp, the other?
  2. Hi all. I have this patch but am unsure of the age. I assume 1960s.
  3. I have 2 steel sights that a have a diameter of 3.75”.one side is painted in glow in the dark paint. I hope someone knows what this goes to.
  4. Thanks Skip. I assume the Army personnel were performing a logistics role regarding the air field and getting prepped for USAAF use. I will read up to confirm.
  5. Thanks folks. This knife is unmarked. Was it an Army or USAAF specific issued piece?
  6. His obituary from 1999 states he was on Iwo Jima. Now, what unit? Here is a image of him.
  7. Here is a unmarked M3 fighting knife named to a Bill Liscum service #39090406. It says Iwo Jima 3-45. He was in the Marine Corps. Does anyone have any way to verify he was on Iwo and what division?
  8. The route in comparison with 2/9’s route during Dewey Canyon (borrowed from Wikipedia).
  9. This route into Laos is similar to 2/9’s during Dewey Canyon. Here is a comparison with a graphic borrowed from Wikipedia covering the Operation Dewey Canyon.
  10. A Luoi, along the Ho Chi Mihn trail but not too relevant for this event. Note the airstrip. Geo-spatial capability was not the best in this era (1965) when this map was made and it does show A Luoi as the developed town that it actually was.
  11. I found this 1:50,000 map that looks like it was “there.” It shows Laos and Quang Tri . The area of operations is under old lamination. It shows an incursion into Laos. The terrain is very steep and mountainous according to the contour lines. The map is of A Luoi but include Laos and the a Quang Tri province in the vicinity of the A Shau valley. There is a infantry company position on the far west edge of the map just beyond the lamination. There are patrol routes and one enters into Laos in a pattern consistent with 2nd Bn 9th Marines during Dewey Canyon. Does anyone recognize the actions featured here? A Luoi is a town along the Ho Chi Mihn trail that has an airfield built by the French. A Luoi was also a Special Forces camp that was over run but is appears to not be relevant in this action.
  12. This route seems consistent with 2nd Bn 9th Marines into Laos.
  13. A Luoi is a town with a French built air strip. It was the site of a Special Forces Camp that was over run. It is not a point of importance for the event this map is depicting.
  14. More details Infantry Company F’s position on hills overlooking a valley to the west.
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