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  1. I knew they wrote stuff on their helmets in Vietnam, but if this helmet belonged to somebody in the 759th Military Police Battlion, I don't think it would have been in Vietnam. According to this little history: http://www.globalsec.../army/759mp.htm , they should have been at Fort Dix. But I think your right, it definitely looks like Fort AP Hill is written there, so I'm guessing that probably places it in Vietnam. That will also be helpful in finding out what MP and 555 means exactly.
  2. Might be a name, but it's to faded to read.
  3. Hello everyone, I picked up this helmet on Ebay and wanted to share and perhaps learn more about it. This is my first M1 helmet and from what I can tell, it looks to be a WWII front seam, and a Korean era liner, topped off with a Mitchell cover with graffiti. The seller told me it was purchased at an estate sale and that he doesn't know anything about it's history. I've done a little research and think the helmet might have belonged to someone in the 759th Military Police battalion, 555th Company: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/759mp.htm But if that's right, why would graffiti and things like "why me?" and "Hardcore" be written on the cover? Any information or opinions is appreciated! Pictures:
  4. I think I get it now. The only way to tell the difference between a WWII era M1937 (officer) shirt and a late 1940s era shirt would be the date, correct? So sorry about the photos, I have to remember that next time. P.S. out of curiosity, do you know why they changed back to the M1937 shirt design?
  5. So the main difference between the officer and the post war officer shirt is that the first one had a gas flap?
  6. I'll have to pick that book up and thanks for the tip!
  7. So my great grandfather served on Corregidor in the 60th Coast Artillery (AA) and I'm going to attempt to reassemble the uniform and gear he might have worn. Before I start watching things like crazy on ebay I have a some questions about things I'm confused about or just don't know. Here is my understanding so far: He would have worn a Class C cotton khaki uniform. The shirt (M1937) has a stand up collar, 6 buttons and no epualettes(EM). In 1943 they changed to a different shirt with a convertible collar(and 7 buttons?). (I couldn't find good original shirt pictures) M1937 shirt: Convertible collar shirt: When I look on ebay, I see shirts that look like the M1937 but are listed as Korean War and Vietnam. After the war did they change back to the M1937 pattern? And if so how do you tell the difference? The pants are straight cut and have slash side and rear side pockets. There were no major changes that I know of. The khaki webbing belt was an inch wide and had a brass buckle. Would he have worn this belt along with some sort of pistol belt? Did he carry a weapon? Would the regular Coast Artillery "kit"(what they wore, carried, etc.) differ from an antiaircraft "kit"? Did the they wear M1917A1 helmets? I've got more questions but this should do for know. Thanks for any help, Brandon
  8. Hey guys, I am new to this forum (This is my first post) and to collecting in general would like some help in authentication. Any advise and opinions are appreciated. The photos:
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