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  1. Actually, I think I did alright. If I remember correctly, I got a connected tab 82nd, a loose tab 101st, and a loose tab 17th for 100 bucks from a gentleman downsizing his collection. I did get lazy on a 18th A/B corps- the tab has letters that glow. Fortunately I had a period tab at home. Just need a 12th division now. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Yes- thats the one. Thank you!
  3. Sorry- should have provided more detail. I found a SSI being sold (as a WWII authentic patch by a private party, and as a WWII reproduction at Dover) as the 3rd Engineer Brigade. The designation special is not used in any listing I have found for this SSI. I apologize but I have not learned how to post the picture of the insignia in question. However, I would describe it as looking like exactly like the WWII Southern Defense Command SSI, except that the blue panel is red. The patch is a shield in shape, red background, with a white, wavey, diagonal line.
  4. Searched the forum as well as the internet- can anyone provide details on this unit and the SSI?
  5. Saw this on Ebay last night. I laughed to myself as I had read this very post a few months ago! Thanks to all those who share their knowledge and helped a newbie avoid a mistake!
  6. Bill- last year was my first. I also collect firearms and all I can say is WOW- best show Ive ever been to. Not a single table of beef jerky or the ever annoying sound of a taser in the distance. Truly a show for the enthusiast!!!
  7. So Im getting geared up for SOS. The majority of gaps in my division collection are airborne patches. Can anybody give me their thoughts on what a fair price is for the various airborne patches? I know that may hard to do with variations, but just looking for basic examples of the 11th and 82nd. As for the 17th and 101st, again Im looking for basic examples, but can you please tell me (or show me) what the basic example is and what to expect to pay? While I can appreciate the ultra rare, Im a guy on a budget just looking to fill the gaps. Thanks!
  8. Beautiful! Im not going to claim Ive seen a lot of these, but that is the first machine embroidered one Ive seen, Tredhed.
  9. Is there a sub forum (or maybe another forum?) for beginner collectors where these inquiries would be better suited? I feel like Im asking basic questions and I dont want to annoy people with trivial topics. And I have a lot more questions too! Thanks for everyones responses!
  10. Oh brother.... now I need to decide which direction my collection shall go. Or at least how much to encompass. Speaking specifically to WWII era, can I assume unauthorized will be mostly theater-made? My thinking is unauthorized insignia would be less likely worn stateside than in the field. I know this cant be a hard and fast rule as Ive seen some unauthorized insignia identified in this thread with embroidered construction like the divisional insignia Ive already obtained. Im having a hard time believing the military would allow such deviation on such an important aspect (unit ID), but the pictures leave no doubt.
  11. My question pertains particularly to WWII era. So a unit like the 49th AAA Brigade has its own insignia because it wasnt attached to a division. Wouldnt the 184th AAA, being a detached unit, also have an SSI? I am unaware of such a patch from WWII era. Thank to all for your help so far!
  12. Probably a very basic question- but what determined if a cloth insignia would be created/approved/worn for a unit? I am finishing up a collection of all the WWII infantry divisions. Looking for the next group to start collecting, I see there is a cloth insignia for the 36th Engineer Group. Battalions/regiments/etc. assigned to an infantry division didnt have unique CLOTH insignia, correct? So what made the 36th Engineer Group unique? I am sure my ignorance is outed several times over, but an explanation for a newbie would be much appreciated.
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