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  1. Thank you for your kind words and support. I am glad it will be sitting with other fine examples of this patch.
  2. I have also stayed off of this thread until the transaction was complete. Yes I did not list any of the previous concerns on this thread as it was several months old and I was in contact with several very knowledgeable collectors before I put this up for auction. Let me make something clear. 1. The gentleman who offered me the $1,000 for it did not go dark. He could not afford it at this time due to more important bills regarding to his family. 2. I did offer a 7-day return policy and always have on my auctions. There was a glitch through eBay that I reported to them. They informed me to
  3. It is not uncommon at all to see a good conduct medal on an officers uniform. I have seen several others with good conduct medals. As an update on the jacket and initials. I am still waiting to hear back from historians within the 9th ID society. They are looking through everything possible but it is a timely search due to only having initials. However, I still love this jacket either way because I only paid $35 for it and the 9th ID is original which is good enough for me. If the nuremberg ever turns out to be real then that is icing on the cake.
  4. Well I mean if you feel that way then that's you. Obviously that gentleman saw what he wanted and offered the price he wanted to pay. These uniforms don't pop up often and if it is original it would be worth that much. But I declined his offer not only because the originality is up in the air but mainly because I like this jacket and only paid $35 for it from a local collector. In person this is a gorgeous uniform and with a uniform of this age you will start seeing fraying and things like that. I am just glad it is not moth eaten to death.
  5. Those holes are pin holes. There are several on the collars from missing insignia and then two where the CIB would be. I am wanting to replace those with originals so the uniform is more complete as well. I do believe the 9th ID is original which is primarily why I bought it was well because if anything then I know that is an original bullion patch. How much of the stitching should i take up to see the back without it taking away from the value of the jacket (if proven original)? I do not see any dates in the jacket and nothing referring to it being from the 50s. The jacket itself does match
  6. I appreciate everyones input on this thread. I saw someone mention that the 9th ID did not look right or that the center was wrong. The center of that patch is barely attached to the patch. The stitching has come loose. I have seen the overseas stripes before on the wrong sleeve a few times. I currently have some individuals with the 9th ID societies doing some research on the initials. It is quite possible that a small unit or even just one individual was present at these trials. Like stated before the detail on this war crimes patch is incredible compared to snyder's. Even though I was offer
  7. The details on the one from Snyder's is lacking considerably compared to mine. I have gotten many thumbs ups from serious collectors and even offers upwards of $1000. However, I do value the opinions on those on here which is why I posted it on the forums. Right now I am on the fence about the originality because those that have said yes have brought up good points but those that have said no have brought up good points as well. I am hoping the research on the initials will provide some better insight.
  8. I appreciate your help Bill and you have been really helpful. Just thought I'd post it on here as well to see what others have said. I have gotten more yeses on the jacket from other collectors than no's but I value everyones opinion. Now I am unsure due to already getting offers on the jacket and the mix of yes and no's from well respected collectors. I have several people checking up on the initials and am waiting on some emails back from several databases. Hopefully something will turn up there.
  9. I just acquired this officers uniform last Friday. Not only does it have a gorgeous bullion 9th ID patch but also has a bullion War Crimes patch. I know the War Crimes patches are very rare especially one in bullion with the "War Crimes" scroll. While I was searching for a name I discovered one of the War Crimes DUI's in one of the pockets. That was quite a great surprise! However, I did not find the gentleman's name but instead found his initials. Can anyone help with determining if this war crimes patch is original or not? Also can anyone lead me in the right direction that would allow me t
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