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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the 25th Division Tropic Lighting newspaper that was published in Vietnam during the war? I just purchased a few issues of these that are dated 1969 and am looking to add more to my collection. Are these difficult to find or scarce? I have seen digital copies online but not hard copies for sale. Thanks for any information that you can provide me. Tom
  2. Thanks guys for your comments. Tom
  3. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a USAAF cap and shirt from at estate sale. The name tag in the shirt and initials within the cap indicate that they were likely belonged to Colonel Willis Stetson Fitch during WWII. A little research so far indicates that he was a fascinating individual and an early pioneer in U.S. military aviation. I found his obituary. He passed away in 1978. Willis Stetson Fitch, 82, Pilot in First World War Willis (Will) Stetson Fitch, 82, a retired Army Air Forces colonel who was one of the first 20 aviators on the Italian front in World War 1, d
  4. Thanks for your replies. Sigsaye, your response probably explains why I'm getting only females when I google the name on the identification tag. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Tom
  5. Hello everyone, I recently purchased this uniform top at an estate sale. Of course, I've been able to easily identified the chief quartermaster insignia but have had no luck identifying the SSI on the left shoulder. Does anyone recognize this? I would appreciate any help or comments. Thank you! Tom
  6. zzyzzogeton, Sorry for never responding. Obviously, I have n't been on the forum or checked in a very long time. Thanks for looking into Captain Brown for me; much appreciated. Tom
  7. Hello everyone, Just wanted to share some pics of a trunk that I recently purchased. Not something I would normally buy due to its size, but I couldn't pass it up. I'm finding interesting information on Captain Kenneth Brown. I've found some information on his service and award citation during the Korean War and a brief reference to his service as a platoon leader in the ETO during WWII. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tom Kenneth E. Brown HOME OF RECORD: Gregg, Texas AWARDS BY DATE OF ACTION: 1 of 1 Distinguished Service Cross AWARDED F
  8. Hello everyone, I'm showing pics of an interesting depression-era calendar (with ties to WWII) that I bought this past weekend. I only payed a few dollars for it, but it proved to be a great piece for research. Based upon what I've read, the Reginald F. Sedgley company (Founded in 1897) produced tools (i.e., ratchets) and firearms. Mr. Sedgley was among the first to sportirize military weapons for civilian use. He purchased M1903 actions (rejects) from the military and built his own rifles. He took advantage of his location near the Navy Yard in Philadelphia to drum up business as war appro
  9. Thanks BKW. Yes, I was especially excited to see the knives and the pilot's machete, otherwise I might have passed on the buy. Like I mentioned the knives needed to be cleaned up (and one has a little rust pitting due to poor storage) but still nice to have. The RH 3 knife and sheath caught my eye as the may date to WWII, so it would be interesting to know how Captain Ridgway came by it. The others look postwar Korean/Vietnam War period.The Fighting Knives books are pretty neat. These were published by Randall Knife Company, 1964 and 1965 editions. I was hoping to find a Randall knife buri
  10. Hello everyone, I sharing some of my recent finds from an estate sale. Although I'm most interested in WWII militaria, I couldn't pass up this Vietnam War grouping. It consists of approximately 60 items that belonged to Captain Charles R. Ridgway, USAF in the mid 1960s. Although I don't have a lot of information about Mr. Ridgway, I believe that he retired as a colonel in 1980. The items were contained in two foot lockers (one of which is marked Holloman AFB and the other, Ubon RTAFB) and include pilot survival gear and flight paraphernalia, a tent, combat knives, .45 holsters, and sleeping b
  11. Great information. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for the neat photographs. I'm envious of your collection. Tom
  12. Hello everyone, Not sure this is in the right category, so please correct me if I'm wrong. I recently picked up a 90 mm M19 shell casing and am hoping someone can provide me with some information. Is it possible to determine if this shell was tank ordinance or AA based on the 1945 date? I have read where late-war shells of this caliber stand a good chance for being for tanks whereas early ones for antiaircraft. Also, I am curious about the finish .....not sure if its been repainted (paint wash) to look like brass by a post-war owner or period painted? The slot cut into the base seems unusual.
  13. Hello everyone, I believe that this is a recognition plaque that was presented to Colonel Paul J. B. Murphy during the Vietnam War. It likely came from the estate of his wife (Donna) who passed away in 2017. I have not found a great deal of information about Colonel Murphy, but there is an interesting article about him in the following publication: Vol. 35. Staunton Military Academy, Kable Station, Staunton, Virginia, Friday, December 14, 1951. N5 “Colonel Paul Col. Murphy Speaks Before Assembly of Cadets” [While station in China in 1944]Murphy consulted a Chinese Harvard gradu
  14. Thanks for the information! If I have any luck with the name I'll repost. Tom
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